Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Crazy Frog

One of the most influential icon to this date is non other than The Crazy Frog. If you are asking why am I suddenly bring out this topic, then my answer is that today at office, a colleague's handphone with this ringtone keep on ringing and somehow it "irritate" another colleague of mine. Later, another colleague of mine downloadd that particular ringtone and keep on playing it, making the "irritated" colleague "go crazy". The whole atmosphere was kinda funny and everyone was laughing.

If you want to know more about this Crazy Frog, I would suggest that you read it up in Wikipedia here. There is really lots of information about it.

Anyway, back to Crazy Frog, it is either you like it or you hate it. There is no in-the-middle type of mood for Crazy Frog. My first encounter with this song was about 4 to 5 months ago when I was stuck in a traffic jam in my car with Cat in one rainy night. We were on our way to Sunway Pyramid for our dinner when the song was played in Feeling funny about it, I listened tentatively. Even though it is a techno type of song, somehow I feel good with it (even though I don't like techno that much). I felt that is sound nice and from that day onward, I keep on hearing it day in and day out. Up until today, this particular song is still very popular and it is gaining alot of ground in Malaysia.

I remember once when the deejay of a radio station was saying:

"I don't understand what you all are thinking. I tried not to play this song and yet you all are voting for it. So, here is Crazy Frog"

It was months ago and as you can see, it is invading our world. It is like wherever you go, you would hear it.

Step Forward

Now that KCBA English Dhamma Youth Camp has finally comes to its 10th edition, to some it is a mission accomplised. A dream come true. A satisfactory work done. That is what I guess Brother Weoi Li felt and this is a turing point for him. Whatever that he want to do next, he should be sure that there are a group of kalyana mitra beside him that would support him in whatever his decision maybe.

But to others, it is another new beginning. Like for me, it is more of a mission accomplished to help Brother Weoi Li in making his dream come true. Along the way, I even took that dream to become mine and to some extend, it is like my dream comes true as well. Anyway, now that I have help him to realize his dream, it would now lies on me to determine my own dream.

My dream, to one extent is very easy but at the same time kinda greedy as well, even to myself. I dream of a day when KCBADYC series would become a nationwide event and participants of the camp would be from all around the country. I am giving myself another one to five years to achieve this. Hope you can join me in this quest to make KCBADYC series a success in the future. Also, I would like to bring up new leaders among the would-be-committee-members so that they would take over Bro Weoi Li and my place in the future.

Also, I have made a resolution during KCBADYC10, Back to Basic: One to Ten, that I would change myself from the "Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde" to become a person that would be happy all the time. I want to be the person that would be able to communicate with others and I would especially happy to become a counsellor for young teens.

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

So many to tell but not enough time to type it...

So much has happened since the last time I have posted a post here. For now, I just want to keep it simple...

After the Andy Lau Vision Tour Concert 2005 in Stadium Merdeka, I continued my kinda busy schedule with the camp I have been waiting for, KCBA English Dhamma Youth Camp 10, Back to Basic: One to Ten. It was a five days camp and Weoi Li and I was the so advisors of the camp. Both of us took turn to "jaga malam" just to make sure that everyone is fine throughout the camp and it have been a very hectic camp for me. On the first night, I was down with a fever and I had to ask my father to come and fetched me home. My mom was terribly worried about me and both my parent bring me to see our family doctor straight away. I took an injection which cure me of my illness by the next morning. By evening time, I was back to the camp and took over from Bro Weoi Li to "jaga" the whole camp. I manage to sleep for 20 minutes that night and by the third night, I went into slumberland at about 12.00 am. Anyway, the crazies day for me was the fourth day when Bro Weoi Li was KO during the evening. I was faced with two very bad situations where on the first situation, a girl from my group was "attacked" by hamstring cramp on both of her legs. This make her particularly unmoveable because she would be in terrible pain if her leg was moved even abit. Shin Dee tried to help her but she was not able to "tahan" the pain at first. So, I took over on the "helping hands" to help her cope with the pain in a slow mode. After three hours of trying, she manage to find the courage to go to the "fast cure" mode and with Shin Dee's help, she was "cured".

Later in the evening, I was faced with another bad situation. Another girl was stung by a wasp. At first, I did not know what to do but in the end, I decided to bring her out of the camp to see a doctor. With an injection and some medicine, she was all right later in the evening.

Another event that is worth mentioning is of course, KCBADYC 10th Anniversary Night Celebration. It was an event that I have planned carefully since the beginning of the year. My mean of carefully is that I don't want Bro Weoi Li to know that there is a special Lifetimes' Achievement Award just for him. Dunno whether he know about it before the celebration or not. Anyway, apart from the Lifetime's Achievement Award, there are also awards for all the past camps president. But for me, the best award that I have that night was actually the look on all those guest from all the previous camps when they see each other. I am particularly sure because of this celebration, they are all together that particular night. It was kinda wasted when a few of the old-timer (like Soong Hern, Kok Leong, Wei Ping and many others) was not able to attend it but their presence was felt too because we are all Kalyana Mitras.

Then we have a Christmas Eve party at Jack's house in Bandar Botanic where it was attended mostly by those involved in KCBADYC 10. All of us have a great time there and a few of those December-born people were given a "great" gift of "laut" by the rest. I was one of them and my back was red after the "laut ceremony". Today, I am back to work and surely I would write some more about how I feel for the camp that I want to share with you all. Anyway, it is late now and I need to go home liao.

Watch out for my next post...

P/S: Merry Belated Christmas and Happy New Year!!!

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Andy Lau's Concert

Last Saturday, Cat and I went to Andy Lau's Vision Tour 2005 Concert in Stadium Merdeka and it is such an event. About 25,000 people attended the concert and the whole concert is such an eye opening event. Andy used alot of special effect to maximise the whole event.

As for me, there are two sad things about the whole event that I regret. The first is that I was not able to use a more powerful camera (Fujifilm FinePix S5600s that I intended to buy this month but due to some unforeseen circumstances, have to be delayed to next month) to take photos of Andy Lau and the concert. And the second thing that I feel sad is that there was no "En Core" at the end of the concert. People just leave the stadium when Andy said goodbye and they never thought about shouting "en core" together to get andy to sing another one or two song. The saddest thing about this is that the Andy Lau's Fan Club was one of the many people who leave the stadium first.

Anyway, to Andy, good concert. Kudos to you...

Thursday, December 08, 2005

An Old Friend

Just found out that an very "old" friend of mine visited my blog. Really nice to hear from her since that she is currently in Australia working and studying (I guess). She is no other than Soong Hern aka Songie. Such a waste that she might not be able to attend KCBA Dhamma Youth Camp 10th Anniversary Celebration. Hope she would fly in next week because the anniversary night is on 16th December 2005.

As for those who is reading this blog and you have been a part of KCBA Dhamma Youth Camp before, do remember to come to KCBA on 16th December 2005 at 8pm sharp to celebrate together. See you there!!!


I have an announcement to make.

I have cut my hair!!!

But, to see my new hairstyle, you would need to wait. I have the picture and I just need a time to load it only...

(Hopefully by tomorrow)

Outstation: Penang

I was outstation from Monday until yesterday when my colleague, Hui Yee and I was following my manager around Penang to our many client's place. It was a crazy trip because we have to meet with so many clients in such a short time. Anyway, I manage to enjoy myself there since the last time I been there was like 7 years ago. I got a chance to see part of Penang clear enough, even though it was such a brief visit. But for me, the best part of the trip is the ride on the ferry back to mainland from the island. It was my first time and I really enjoyed it. The only two things that I don't like about Penang is the way the driver (especially motocyclist) drives and the way the road is planned. Try driving there and you would understand what I mean.