Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Mini Gathering - Ex-Coursemate (UMS - Sains Sekitaran)

I met up with some of my ex-coursemates last Sunday. Boon King and Oi Kuen came to Klang to meet up with Lian and me.

Ironically, Lian and I have been living in the same town since we graduated from UMS in 2003 but we have not really get together until last Sunday.

We came out for lunch at a seafood restaurant called Klang Seafood Restaurant (hope I got the name correct) somewhere in Pandamaran, Klang where we ordered tomato crab, steamed lala, fried prawn paste, a type pf vegetable and their specialty, fried tang-hoon. Thank you Lian for paying the bill. Next time we eat at Klang, I "belanja"...

After the seafood lunch, we moved to the famous yo-yo ice in front of SJK Padamaran (C) for some refreshment. Really have a great time meeting up with them and recalling those time that we have when we were still in UMS plus getting to know what is happenning to the rest (other ex-coursemates) even though they did not join us.

Worst Type of Employer

The worst type of employer you can find are the type that dont accept your suggestion initially but after you left the company, he go through what you have suggested and simply take something out of it and tried to use it without any idea whether it is suitable for the task or not.

Maybe, in the near future, I will tell you why I wrote this post.

As for now, beware of this type of boss...

Friday, October 26, 2007

Cameron Highlands (2) - Lee Yee & Yu Xing

This is Yu Xing and Lee Yee. The picture taken at The Lakehouse. Forgotten to mention this, they are the two girls that joined me on the trip to Cameron Highlands during the Raya Holiday.

Cameron Highlands (1) - Bharat Plantation (Panorama)

Here is the first post of the Cameron Highlands pictures taken during my recent trip there. Hope you will enjoy it.

P.S.: I am still working on some of the pictures using photoshop... really a lot of work there.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

When My Grandpa Pass Away

Updates: I guess I need to change the title of this post to better reflect what I want to tell here... I may write more about my grandpa later when I have time. (Initial title: Grandpa)

It feels like yesterday when my grandpa left us to the other world even though it has been three years since. Yesterday marked exactly three years since he passed away.

I still remember cause I was the one nearest to him when he passed away. Not to say that I am extremely close to him but I am sure that i am his favourite grandson. After all, I am his oldest grandson and I used to be very close to him when I was younger...

I still remember my first puff of smoke were from his ciggarate and I drank beer from his beer can as well. Both also taste bad... I guess that is why I never smoke.

Grandpa would occasionally give my sister and I some money to buy foods from the Thursday pasar malam. He is not that type of people that would like to travel, preferring to stay at home all the time. But when it is about his grandchildren, he is much more willing to part with his money.

About a year before he passed away, he was suffering from pneumonia due to the ciggarates that he smoke particularly everyday. The whole family sent him into the a private hospital and the doctor was able to save him after clearing out all the liquid that was accumulating in his lungs.

After the operation, his health went back to the optimum level but he just can't stay away from the ciggarate that has been accompany him for so long.

About half a year later, he was back in the condition where he is not able to move from his bed. I felt that he struggle with life and manage to stay for quite a while before suffering several breathing difficulty. Initially thought that it would just be like the previous time when all the liquid accumulated in the lungs is removed, he would be okay again. But when the doctor show us the green phlegm that he took out from the lung, we understand that we have to take a decision.

The doctor advise us to transfer my grandpa to the government hospital because of there is nothing much that they can do to help him. Futhermore, the medical fee incurred would be very high and not worth it.

My aunt was not able to make any decision and so is my dad. In the end, I made the decision to transfer my grandpa to the TAR Hospital. I don't really know what other think about my action but I believe that I took the right decision at that time.

My grandpa was warded and my family members took turn to be by his side for three days. On the third day, I brought my mum and sister to the hospital and by the time I was there in the room, I felt that something is not right. My grandpa was connected to a machine that shows his heartbeat was showing a straight line and without waiting for another second, I rush to the nurse on duty for help.

They work around my grandpa for a while and when they emerged from the curtain, the nurse told me that my grandpa has passed away. My mum and sister went out to buy food and they arrived late that time.

Needless to say, I was the only relative that was beside him when he passed away...

My uncles, aunts and grandma arrived much later and everyone was darn sad.

From there onwards, we go around working on the funeral stuffs and that is another story all together. Maybe I would write about it later.

As for now, rest in peace, Grandpa.

Monday, October 22, 2007


I was in Flam on Saturday night. Chyn Mei's birthday on 21st. It was a last minute decision as I only received a sms from Chyn Mei after 9pm that night.

Reached Flam at about 11 pm and was dancing through the night. Many girls that night but non is for me.

After 2 hours there, we break the party from Flam. Some of us continued with supper at Ming Tien, Kelana Jaya and I reached home almost nearing to 4 am. Did not get drunk this time, so no scolding by my mum :P



Saturday, October 20, 2007

Problem and Solution

A problem must have a solution. If you cannot find a solution, there is no problem!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Cameron Highlands Trip

I had a great time during Raya. Not to say that I really celebrate Raya but I took the opportunity to travel out of Klang Valley during the three days holiday.

I went to Cameron Highlands with two of my friends, Lee Yee and Yu-Xing, from Muar, Johor. No, I did not pick them up from Muar but from Puduraya Bus Station.

It took us about 4 hours to get to our destination in Cameron Highlands, Father's Guest House. If you want to see a lot of Mat Salleh "LengChai" or "LengLui", this is the place for you. Somehow, the place appeal to them and I can see at least a bunch of them here during the two night we stayed here.

Places that we visited during our stay there are Healthy Strawberry Farm, Kasimanis Strawberry Farm, Catcus Point, Ee Fung Gu Bee Farm, Rose Centre, Parit Fall, Sungai Palas Boh Plantation Centre, Cameron Bharat Tea Plantation, Sam Poh Temple, Brinchang's Weekend Night Market, Time Tunnel and some other less known place. Other place that we tried to visit but fail were Gunung Brinchang and Robinson Fall due to the fact that my SLK (Super Little Kelisa) was not design for climbing mountain and that my old knee injury come back haunting me when I tried to climb a lesser know hill of the trail to Robinson Fall.

There were not enough signboard/arrow to bring us there. There was a point where the trail is divided into three. Unable to choose, we decided to turn back to the car.

Some of the nice place that we visit are Time Tunnel, Bharat Tea Plantation and Rose Centre...

Time tunnel really bring back a lot of memories of mine when I look at many of the antiques displayed there. Nearby got some shops that sell fresh vegetables and fruits and also other stuffs like souvenirs. I brought a little dragon keychain here. My mum explained to me that monkey and dragon are very compatible with each other as we bring good luck and fortune to each other. I don't really believe this initially but to think of it again, my dad have been very lucky everytime I am around him (won a lot of lucky draws) and I guess this is the time that I get a dragon to bring me great fortune as well.

The Bharat Tea Plantation is a great place to get up-close with tea bushes. Managed to took a panorama picture of the plantation and hopefully I can show it here soon.

The Rose Centre really has a lot flowers in display. It was really a great place for me as I could use the opportunity to try my macro photography skill. Also, even though I am not able to conquer Gunung Brinchang, The top of the Rose Centre gave me the opportunity to have a feel of "I Am On Top Of The World".

The two places that really disappointed me are Sungai Palas Boh Tea Plantation and Parit Fall. From the main building of the Boh Tea Factory, we were informed that there would be some staffs every 15 minutes that would bring us around their factory to further understand how they actually process the famous tea that we drink today. But we did not see any guide that would bring us around even though we waited for almost an hour.

The Parit Fall that was suppose to be one of the main attraction in Cameron Highlands but it was a huge letdown when we realize that the place is full with litter and the colour of the water is light brown.

Other good place worth visiting would be the Sam Poh Temple, where the once famous monk reside in. I say the monk but I did not really ask for advise from him. I believe that my life is in my hand. I brought a Malaysia's $1 coin there as I had always wanted to get one for myself.

The weekend nightmarket in Brinchang is another great place to go. The funny thing about this place is that the night market start from 3.00 pm and many of the traders are there already at that early hour. There are many stuffs that I don't really see in Klang Valley like "Fried Ice Cream" and some other local delicacies being offerred there. There is even a stall that is selling fried crab at RM3 each. Imagine that. Super cheap. But I did not try. Maybe next time...

If you want to get up-close with bee, the Ee Fung Gu Bee Farm would be a great place for you to do so. It is about the same like any other bee farm but since this is my first time here, I was amazed by those bees flying around collecting nectare from flowers.

If you want to see pictures of our trip to Cameron Highlands and my new collection of pictures, stay tuned. Hope I can get the pictures done ASAP.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Zakaria's Mansion

I know this is going to be controversial but I am curious to know:

Well, I guess this is one of the best thing to be a Malaysia. More so, if you are Malay that somehow raised to power by becoming an assemblyman taking care of a rich district.

Read the article here, if you have not done so.

The master bedroom is bigger than a low-cost house!

Wondering where did he save all these money to build the mansion? Also, did ACA have a look into his bank account?


Ever heard of the F-language? No. No. It is not the F***-language that you always speak (Just kidding... don't get mad, okay). It is actually a Melaka dialect (I think) that is spoken by my ex-colleague from Comfori and it is one of the language that I have not learn even after 1 year of pestering them to teach me...

It was really a hillarious time when initially, I thought they were speaking French but I manage to find out soon enough...

If you are wondering how this language sound like, it actually goes like this:

fa fa fi fi fu fu fer fi...

but is has more vocabulary than this but U guess you should understand why it is called the F-language now...

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Letting Go...

Sometimes, something is just meant to be let go. There is no use for you to hold on to it. It would only make you feel bad in one way or another cause in the end, you are the only one to suffer.

I have personnally experience this and I have decided to let it go. In fact, the moment I do it, I felt much better already.

Bear in mind that whatever is in the past is over already and there is nothing that you can do about it now. The future is yet to come and the only thing that you can really do is to do what is necessary now so that you would have a better future.

So, do look forward and not backward. Let go of whatever that has pass and move on with life. You still have a great future waiting for you but if you don't work on it right now, you would regret it later.

I am just speaking from my own experience that I wish to share with you.

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Updates For The Day...

Dear blog,

It has been a while since I wrote something here.

As usual, some events took place and I have been busy with trying to cope with all the changes…

In case you don’t really know, I am now in a new position in a new company. Actually, it is not really a new company but one of the companies that I have been working in a few years back. The company’s name is Southern Edible Oil Sdn Bhd but my portfolio here is different from my previous portfolio here.

I used to be on the operation side, working on the shipping documents but from yesterday onwards, I would be handling more on the sales and coordination for export purposes. I would be helping out on the local sales as well.

Southern Edible Oil (SEO for short) is one of the many company in Malaysia, exporting palm oil products to other countries and my immediate manager promise me that I would be learning a lot of the trading world and I really hope that I can make the most out of it in the future.

Hari Raya AidilFitris is coming up soon. For all my Muslim friends who are reading this blog, Selamat Hari Raya AidilFitri. For all the non-Muslim, hope you are going to enjoy your holiday.

As for me, I am going to Cameron Highlands for some fresh air. I have upgraded my camera’s capacity and would be taking a lot of pictures, which I hope I would be able to upload into this blog soon. More details on the trip? Wait for my post on this topic soon.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Food for Thought

Something really struck me the other day when I was watching Healing Hands 3 on TV2 the other day. In the show, one of the main character (a doctor) actually developed cancer for the second time (the first time, she managed to cure it using chemotherapy) but this time, she would not be doing anything about it. She would just want to let it be.

Her good friend later talked to her boyfriend that like is really impermanence and one should do what really make him happy and never really takes things for granted.

Still, people are really ignorant to what they have at that particular moment (me included) and always thought that they are in control. In reality, there is nothing in this world that human is in control and the best thing that one can do is to work hard on trying to get the result that they want.

By saying this, I am challenging you to work hard on what you want to do and never take things for granted. At the same time, don’t be afraid to try new things… as long as it does not cross the border. Live life to the fullest and you would never live to regret it.


This post should be posted yesterday but was kinda busy to do it. So here it is...

It has become a habit of me to write something at the end of each day and post it here the next morning. I do hope that I would be able to continue this habit after this week because from this Friday onward, I would no longer have a laptop to use.

I believe that I have told many of you that I am leaving my current position and I hope that my final day here would be this Friday. All procedures have been followed and all I have to do is to finish off my works at hand and that’s it.

If everything goes well, I would be starting my new career with Southern Edible Oil, a company that I have previously worked with three years ago.

The thing that I would like to highlight here is actually more about the personal relationship that I have been encountering from the day I tendered my resignation. I came to realize that the way some people treat you before and after you resign are different. It actually makes you feel depressing but I guess this is that hard fact of working life.

Still, I would like to thank you to all my colleagues who do not only take me as a colleague but also as a friend. I believe that these are the people that would treat you the same no matter what your status is. I also believe that these are the people that would not take you for granted in any situation and I sincerely cherish our friendship. These are the people that I would try to help even if I am not around.

You know who you are, guys. Really, really thank you.

What Happened The Other Day

Me: (Send a photo)
chynmei: Thanx unker alex
Me: @#$%^&*

Monday, October 01, 2007

Another Long Lost Friend FOUND!

I wrote this on Sunday evening…

Just want to share my joy that I have found yet another long lost friend. She is actually my housemate in my final year at UMS and ever since I graduate, I have not been really in touch with her. Occasionally, she would e-mail me and then and only then, I would reply her e-mail… So bad of me… :P

Furthermore, I lost her contact number the other day when my mobile phone goes haywire… It has been a while and I when I saw her e-mail the other day, I am glad that she still regard me as a friend. From what I understand, she occasionally read my blog and I guess that she should be reading this too. Hope that you won’t mind me writing of you here…

But I just want to say one thing… Thanks for being a friend… Stay in touch…

My Second Kelisa

I have just brought another Kelisa last week.

I know. I know. I already have one that I am driving everyday but this one is different. Why? It is one of the Special Edition Kelisa and now that Perodua has stopped producing Kelisa, I am sure that both my Kelisa would worth much more than the money that I am paying.

Okay… Without much delay, let me introduce to you my second Kelisa:

Nice le... Special Edition Kelisa

Should have brought this one in the first place

What? You really thought that I brought another real Kelisa? Sorry, man. I am not that filthy rich yet. But if I am that rich, I would be buying another car already.

Still, I love my SLK a lot.

Huh? What SLK?

Super Little Kelisa la, of course.