Sunday, January 15, 2012

So Far In 2012

This is the second week of 2012 and things happened, even before 2012...

For those who know, 28th Dec was my 31st birthday. It can be consider an happy occasion with dinner with friends and people wishing me "Happy Birthday". That is definitely enough for me (I am a simple guy). But what happened the day after was totally unexpected. My grandma passed away on 29th. It was unexpected, really, cause she has been in a very good health all this while. Nevertheless, it is part of life that I have already accepted.

Initially, I didnt plan of getting anything for myself for last year's birthday but after much bugging by koklim, I decided to get myself a Samsung Galaxy Note.

It is white in colour and it is darn big.

Next is my first 10km run for the year, Mizuno Wave Run 2012 @ UPM

That's me with my bite the finisher medal photo... I did this too all my finisher medal... lolz