Tuesday, December 19, 2006

KCBA English Dhamma Youth Camp 11 - Reach In to Reach Out

Camp Photo

This is the first photo that I am putting into the blog. Pardon me for being slow. Home's internet connection down. Unable to upload from home...

Please bear with me!

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Trip to Sarawak

This is one of the picture taken at Friendship Park. It was built as a friendship icon between China and Malaysia and that thing at the back is actually made in China and send by sea to Malaysia.

One of the first place that Freddy, our junior cum friend cum tour guide, brought us to, Sarawak Museum. It was said to have the most collection of stuff about the local and Malaysia. Sarawak have 7 museum altogether...

This is a picture I have taken about a church, yes you read it right... a church in Kuching and from the picture, you should see that it does not have a wall. It is all rooftop only.

This is Cat with General Cheng Ho, the great warrior of China that has travel to many places. The status is situated at Friendship Park.

The one and only restaurant situated in the middle of Friendship Park.

Beautiful scene at Friendship Park

This is me with the great icon of Friendship Park.

A trip to Kuching would not be complete if you don't take a picture with one of the many cat statues in the city. Here is Cat with a cat.

Surely many of you would be asking why am I posting this picture. Let me explain. First, the picture is taken in a crocodile park in Kuching and secondly, it is actually a picture of a bearcat or binturong, which remind me of Boody, the bearcat of the children science magazine that I used to work on.

A picture taken in the crocodile farm of a crocodile jumping out of the water to catch a meal of chicken hanging on a string.

The same cat as about but with me and Cat together.

Crocodile biting the chicken. Imagine you are hanging there.

Be careful... the crocodile is coming to bite you...

You must be thinking why the wild boar... This picture was actually taken in the crocodile farm (yes, they have alot of other animal as well) and this is one of it. Reason I am putting this here is to show you some motherly love. A man was standing in front of the adult wild boar and it is trying to keep him away from its cubs...

Another picture of the bearcat.

Nice picture of a bird flying near the water.

Another one.

Yet, another one...

The world smallest monkey. Dunno what it is called. Also in crocodile farm.

Friendship Park Fountain at night.

Crocodile without tail. Story goes that it had a fight with another crocodile and the tail was bitten off. Ouch!

Cat having fun at one of the swing available in the crocodile farm. Don't worry. Crocodiles far away.
Night scene of Kuching. Picture taken at ChungLing Hotel Plaza on the 18th floor.

Another scene of the fountain at Friendship Park.

Kuching Centre Night Scene. Taken at the only cinema complex in Kuching.

Our room at Singgahsana Lodge, Kuching. It is the most expensive room and it is the Honeymoon Suite.

Another night scene of Friendship Park. You guys should know where is it....

And lastly the bed of our Honeymoon Suite. It is really nice and the best thing of all is that it does not come with a tv set. That would translate to more time with your love one.