Wednesday, April 30, 2008


It is one of the scariest time when you sleep and sadly to say, I happens to get these nightmares quite frequently.

one of the most recurrent theme in my nightmares would be the chinese vampires that really like to chase me around. Another frequent villain in my nightmare would be a psychopath trying to kill me. Laugh all that you want but that is the fact for me.

Luckily, I have managed to concentrate (even though not always successful) my mind to the level that I am able to wake myself up in the middle of the nightmare, sparing myself from the heart attacks...

Sometimes, I would find myself abit adventurous and even though I already know that it is a nightmare, I let it continue and playing a fool with the nightmare... In fact, it is quite fun and sometimes, it feels like as though I am in "The Matrix" (Laugh all you want). I would be able to bend some rules and minus the black leather raincoat, I do feels like Neo :P

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Suck Blood

This is a direct translation of a Chinese proverb meaning that one was being charge excessively and that is exactly what happened to me earlier this morning.

It all started out yesterday when I suddenly realized that my car's battery are moving close to its limit and it is getting harder for me to start the engine. Even though I am a risk taker, I do believe that certain things are not meant to be a risk worth taking and this is definitely one of it.

Woke up as usual this morning, I decided to get it fix ASAP. Driving towards the place my dad recommend, I decided to try whichever shop that is opened on at that time.

Discussing with the shopowner, he review to me that they have on battery that is maintanence free (meaning that you would not need to add distille water into it) and the price is RM200.

READ: RM200!!!

For a moment, I was stoned there... One car battery for RM200??? The last time I changed my car battery, it only cost me RM100 (that was two years ago) but now, it cost me RM200.

But then again, what can I do??? I need to change it and I dont like going around again and again to ask here and there. in the end, I walked to the nearest Maybank and withdrew some money to pay for it...

D***. One car battery cost me RM200.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Ice Skating

Finally, I have tried my hand... no, should be my leg... err, my body on ice skating and I can safely say that I have master the very basic of ice skating...


All this thanks to a friend, Lemon, who invited me to join her in Sunway Ice yesterday and have the patience to teach me how to ice skating...

Lemon with a V

For someone who are almost a stranger to ice skating and its cousin (rollerblading), having tried rollerblading once, I really dont know what to expect.

Ice skating is really something that would require sweat and blood to be master and sweat and blood is what I paid (apart from the entry fee, blade rent and gloves) to master the basic of ice skating.

Me sweating like crazy, trying to learn how to skate...

My first step on ice skating result in my first ever PK on the ice. It was a funny (and humiliating :P) experience since I was yet to realize I was on ice then when I was already sitting on it with the back of my pant wet with those cooling ice water.

Practicing the "theory" of ice skating, I started from the side of the ring. Step by step, I moved forward slowly until I was confident enough to move further away from the side of the ring. Throughout the course of moving away from the side towards the "medium speed lane", I fall another two times. One of it resulted on a small cut on my elbow but nothing serious.

In between skating time, we rested outside the ring and on our final attempt on the ice ring, a very big surprise came to me. Somewhere on the ice, I tried to stablize myself but somehow, it resulted in me doing a sommersult and landed on the ice with my face down. Luckily, with both my hand landing on the floor first, I managed to escape with a little cut in my mouth...

Got a cut somewhere in my mouth from the last fall I had on ice yesterday

The gloves and blade that I used...

The tag for me to get in...

So, I can skate liao lo... Anyone wanna belanja me go skating??? Dont ask me to teach yet... still learning...

12th Parliament Opens Today

A new era has born...

Malaysian's politics would never be the same again.

There is still a hope for an even better future for Malaysia.


I need some free time...

I still got a few more post that I want to post here but I have yet to have the luxury to write those posts...

Need to use the Law of Attraction now...

I need some free time...

I need some free time...

I need some free time...

P.S. another 'cheating' post to clear of those posts with too many pictures...

Vaisakha Month Celebration (KCBA)

Klang and Coast Buddhist Association (KCBA)
Celebration BE2552 Buddha Day & Wesak

Creating A Harmonious Society with Compassion and Equality

Buddha Day: 19th May 2008
Wesak Month: 4th May 2008 to 1 Jun 2008
Location: Lot 465 KM 2, Persiaran Tengku Ampuan Rahimah, 41200 Klang, Selangor.
Tel/Fax: 03 - 3372 1902

Message from the Chairman and Committee Members of KCBA
Vaisakha Month & Buddha Day Celebration

Dear Members and Well-wishers,

Buddha Day 2552 is just around the corner, Buddhists throughout the world rejoice to receive this auspicious occasion and once again we bring you good news and greetings on this Sacred Buddha Day.

Buddha Day signifies the day of the birth of Lord Buddha, His attainment of Supreme Enlightenment and His Pari-Nibanna. Thus, it is observed as "The Thrice Sacred Day".

A series of activities have been scheduled during the Vaisakha Month. We will take this opportunity to invite all the members, devotees and well-wishers to attend the Buddha Day Celebration ceremony to be held at 10 am, Monday 19th May 2008 at our premises. Vegetarian lunch will be served.

Your presence will be greatly appreciated
With the Blessing of the Triple Gems and Happy Wesak.

The Klang and Coast Buddhist Association
Chairman Bro. Chang Boon Tian & Committee Members
20 April 2008

Buddha Day Celebration Programme
19th May 2008

Hoisting of Buddhist Flag
Wesak Puja
Celebration Ceremony
1. Tolling of Qing
2. Offering (Puja to the Buddha)
3. The Holy Triple Gems Song
4. Wesak Address: Organising Chairman Bro. Koh Kok Leong; Celebration Chairman Bro Chang Boon Tian; Speech by invited Guests; Completion of Ceremony; Transference of Merits
10.30 am onwards:
Vegetarian Lunch
8.00pm: Wesak Night Chanting

Vaisakha Month Celebration Programmes

4th May 2008
Opening ceremonry of the Vaisakha Month Celebration. Officiate by Celebration Chairman Bro. Chang Boon Tian
Dhamma Talk by Vice President Bro Lee Chee Keong - "Creating a Harmonious Society With Compassion and Equality"

4th - 5th May
9.30 am
Charity visits and distribution of gifts to Children Ward Patients TAR Hospital, Klang, Retarded School Children and Orpanage Klang.

10th - 11th May
Mandarin Meditation Class. Instruct by Ven. Kong Yuan

11th May
9.30 am
Parents Day celebration
Mandarin Dhamma Talk by Ven Kong Yuan
Mahasanghika Dana

18th May
10.30 am
English Dhamma Talk by Chief high Priest of Malaysia Ven. K. Sri Dhammaratana
Mahasanghika Dana
8.30 pm
Buddha Day Eve Blessing Service

19th May
Buddha Day Celebration

25th May 10.30am
English Dhamma Talk by Uncle Vijaya Samarawickrama - "Orientation and Overview of Buddhism"

1st Jun
Blood Donation and Pledge of Organ Donation
Closing Ceremony of the Vaisakha Month Celebration. Officiate by Vice President Bro. Lee Chee Keong

Friday, April 25, 2008

Can't Wait

I got a post that I want to publish in my blog but I still need to wait for the letter...

When will I be getting it??? Hmmm...

P.S. Trying to get those post with pictures to be archieve... my blog is loading very slow now...

Meaningful Quotes on My Desk

Was checking this year's calender on my table today and found some interesting quotes... Here is all of them:

Before you dive into any situation, it is best to be prepared.


A good start is the beginning of good results.


No matter how high you aim, you still need to start at a lower point.


To go distance, is parallel to the input of effort.


Productivity comes not from everyone, but from everyone working together.


Obstacles are what you face when you lose sight of the goal.


Some tasks you can't do alone, share it with someone who shares your dream.


When you handle challenges as a group, the task seems less daunting.


In order to suceed, you need a team that is willing to take the blows with you.


When everything counts on you, don't fear - it's your chance to be a hero.


The harder the job may seem, the calmer you should be.


It's not how you start that counts but how you finish.

P.S.: Have been using too many pictures on my blog... need to calm down abit.

Thursday, April 24, 2008


Call me idiot, stupid or whatever that you like. No matter what, I am still that kind of person.

For me, each and every friendship is unique and I cherish all of it with my whole heart. I sincerely hope that all my friendships would be able to stand the test of time, even if we no longer see each other that often.

But what is hoped does not necessarily be the reality of life. Once in a blue moon, someone would misuse the friendship and the undesirable consequences would take place.

It happened to me recently and I was quite upset with it. Anyway, I guess it is time for me to let go and move on...

I may have hurt some of my friends before without knowing it and if you are reading this, I would like to sincerely apoloze to you, my friends.

For all my kalyana mitras, you know who you are, thank you for being my friends...

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Mistake Done

I guess it was my mistake for letting this to happened. Wont say much about it but I would never let it happen again.

On the hand, what I have been waiting for is almost here.

Naughty Kids... Why?

Some of you may be surprise with this post as I guess it is one thing that you would never thought that I would be interested in writing. So, what does this post is all about?

Remember the saying that the older a child gets, the naughtier the child would become?

I believe that it is true but have we ever wonder why must it be like that?

I was a very naughty child myself when I was young but luckily, I turn out okay. :P

So, what am I trying to say here???

I was actually making some observation for the past one month (No, I dont have any child of my own... BTW, I am still single :P ) on the few kids my aunt is taking care of. The difference between before that date and after that date is the arrival of a new baby.

The youngest child before that actually have all the "attention" and "love" from everyone but everything changes once the new baby arrived. Most of the attention is moved towards the new baby and suddenly, the child felt as though no one care about him anymore.

But the child is not going to give up the attention he used to have that easily but he too realize that it is going to be tough getting attention and love the usual way. In fact, it is not working anymore.

Soon, the child will start some trials and errors and once he found the effective method, the child would used it again and again. Normally, this method would be doing something that we, the adults, dont let them do. They know that once they do this, we would give attention to them, at least for a while (which is better than none) and we, as an adult, would describe this as being naughty.

I guess you would understand why kids tend to become more and more naughty when they are growing up. If you dont want this to happen, be fair to all your child...

But then again, it does not necessary be the case. I am one of the usual case. I grew up "alone" for almost five years until my sister was born but I was being describe as naughty well before that.

My parents and relative would always remind me how I was being brush away (halau) from one place of the house to another without fail thoughout the day (and night too) :P

Thinking back, I do believe that I am a hell of a kid back then.

I am lucky to have a very loving mum and patience dad and I have grown up a okay...

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Interesting T-shirts

Saw some interesting T-shirts the other day when a group of kids (including me) was going window shopping the other day. Some of them are kind enough to post for me with these t-shirts.

Way too many...
  • Party
  • Girl
  • Late Nite
  • Awkward Morning
  • All of the above

Old Skool Clothing, Technicolor Dreaming Experience

I will make you All Star on the walk of shame

Don't Do Drugs, Do People

Good Guys Don't Always Win at Video Games

This is why I am Hot... Duh!

Inner Beauty is Overrated

I'm Your #1 Fantasy Player

Sally Sell Seashells by the Seashore

I used to on the lips

Just for the record... I would never wear any t-shirt like this, unless I wanna play prank on someone...

One Fathom Bank (Part Four)

Everyone had a great night sleep but I was awake at about 6.30 am as I really want to see the sunrise (and captured it with my camera). Several others also woke up alot with me as I believe that they are anticipating for it as well.

However, disappointment came when we realize that there are too many clouds in the horizon. Since I am awake, I decided to continue with my shooting... and I guess the sun are too shy, give me a glimpse of it that morning.

Cloudy morning at OFB with sunrise...

When the sun was bright enough, I took a picture of me and the lighthouse, marking in my life that I was here is OFB!

I was here @ OFB!

Also, managed took alot of photographs around the place and this is one nice candid shot of those kaki pancing...

Seriously, I dont know that they are looking at...

Had our breakfast (fried rice prepared by the angels with a little help from the rest and me) before packing up our stuff. Lastly before we depart from OFB, we have a group photo taken...

Group photo

Leaving OFB, I managed to persuade the captain to give me a chance to navigate the boat for a short while.

Me navigating the speedboat

All of us thought that the journey is going to end soon as we are already on our way back to Port Klang... but something pop out. Captain suddenly told everyone that he saw some "sampah" up front and KurauKing, Openg and Zul become very excited.

The "sampah" that was floating in the open sea...

As for the rest, we looked at each other with a blank face, thinking "WHAT?" "Sampah"... Curiosity caught up on us as we move near the "sampah"... "Why would these people be so excited to see "sampah?"...

It was only when those kaki pancing start catching fishes that we truly understood what is really happening... "Sampah" that is floating in the middle of the sea is actually very popular with fishes (something like a pub/disco to human). The difference is that the older the "sampah" is, the more it become popular with fishes...

Abang Samet (Captain) with his catch.

Kurauking with one of his catch.

In the end, they managed to caught 8 fishes that really taste good (we have a small feast in Perlama at night)

P.S. Still got abit more after this...

Monday, April 21, 2008

Changes taking place

Some of you may noticed that I have actually changed my blog's title recent from rin erakan to Living My Life Today.

I guess, due to the many changes that has been taking place in my life, my view on life is changing as well. Thus, I have decided to change the title to reflect the me now...

Mayday Jump! 2008 Concert

Before I continue with the rest of the story on OFB, I would like to write this post about the recent concert that I have just attended...

Mayday Jump! 2008 Concert

I dont really have much time to write so I am making this post shop.

Only two words would be enough for me to describe it:


Really enjoyed myself with the concert and would say thank you to Hanxue for driving me up to Genting for the concert...

The fans...

Will try to write more about it soon...

Friday, April 18, 2008

One Fathom Bank (Part Three)

One would have thought that once the sun has set, there would not be anything interesting for anyone to do in the middle of the sea. Well, that is not really the case.

Some kaki pancing actually like fishing at night as there are certain fishes that comes to the surface in the night.

Here are the catches of the day...

Catches of the day... Each little fishes id as big as your hand palm only...

And here are the catches of the night...

See the difference???

Look how large the fish is compare to the cigarette box...

I know I look funny... Can't help it... First time handling a fish so large... Heavy too... (4 kg)

So, once you have your catch, what would you do with it???

Of course you eat it... but not eating it raw but eat it with something that would make it taste great... what else if not asam pedas (I dont have the pictures with me right now but believe me when I say that it really taste great). In fact, as someone who dont really take asam pedas, I was one of the many people that take more portion than I should...

If you dont have asam pedas with you, no problem... create a fire and you can start BBQing already... Another bonus for me and the gang would be the fact that the time we were in OFB, it is squid season... Some of the kaki pancing have their equipment ready and when the time comes, they began catching squids. The best thing of all here is that once the squid was catched, a friend that tag along Kurauking, actually BBQ a few squids for us (yes, we setup a fire in a bbq pit, mind you) and I took one myself. It really taste very different compare to the one you buy from the wet market. Since it was cook fresh, no part of the squid was being clean and yes, we ate the black ink as well and the whole squid actually taste sweet.

I was full after my meal that I decide to help the digestion...

What else can I, a photography enthusiast, do if not taking photographs all around? Result:

Moving cloud, moon and One Fathom Bank Lighthouse.

Moon with lighthouse

Many of us, myKlang people, are not really keen on fishing so, many of us hook up with some of the kaki pancing and talk the night out of them. I met with someone from Sabah and the feeling I got that time is as though I have just met someone from my hometown. Then again, I do and still feel that Sabah, especially Kota Kinabalu, is my second hometown.

By 12.30 am, most of us are exhausted and we retreat into our room. Sleeping all around the room, we rest our body and mind for the second day in OFB...

More to come... stay tune...

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

One Fathom Bank (Part Two)

Landing onto the jetty itself is a challenge since the sea is abit more rough than a calm sea but everyone managed to get onto the jetty safe and sound.

The lighthouse itself is really a magnificient structure. Coloured in the usual white and red colour, it actually has a lower part of that consist of a foyer, dining room, kitchen, prayer room and toilet on the ground floor and some guess room and a control room on first floor.

There is also a diesel room on the ground floor and I guess this is where all the electricity are generated to power the whole lighthouse. Imagine that the whole structure is fully air-conditioned and running 24 hours, 7 days a week throughout the while year.

After settling down, we moved on to get our stomach filled againg with ighost special nasi lemak... following with a handsome serving of kuih labu prepared by gneleey and the angels.

How the kitchen looks like... notice the uneven design to follow the lighthouse's design.

Kuih labu in the making...

The girls doing their parts as Team C, the one that prepare the foods...

The girls frying the kuih labu...

Looking at the weary angels (having them stranded in the kitchen without the chance of at least go around seeing the place like the rest), aircraft and I decided that we should help them out. Taking ove the cooking task, I start frying kuih labu.

The girls can cook, so can me! :P

I was having fun frying the kuih labu... Yum yum...

Next up, aircraft take over with the nuggets.

aircraft in action... selamber saja...

As for the rest of the gang, KurauKing set up a few fishing rods and without wasting any time, pstan, kobee and kimmy tried their luck with the sea.

Find this photo special. Dunno why...

KurauKing setting up the equipments.

Kimmy trying his luck...

pstan trying his luck too...

KurauKing and Kobee (ighost at the side)

Never give up even under the hot sun... this kaki pancing tried to get away from the sun

Next came the free time when the choice is either going for another boat ride for speed fishing or stay in the lighthouse to catch the sunset and any other pictures...

While waiting for the sun to set, we move around the whole place looking for nice angle for shooting. Here are some of the pictures taken then.

Sunset at OFB is really magnificient. Managed a few picture for myself.

Something different.

Fishing rod


Boat towards horizon.


I really like this photo...

Sunset @OFB

Sunset @ OFB

More to come... stay tune...