Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Sprain on Wrist

Whispers: I managed to find a better name for the ShoutOut that I was talking on my previous post. I am naming it as Whispers.


After going through a mental battle yesterday during work, I was determined to get all my frustration out while playing badminton (managing my anger through proper channel :P)

Playing four games yesterday show that I am progessing well with my stamina and it does feel great.

Initially thought that I only for a scratch on my elblow for doing a dive, I was surprised to find out that I got a sprain on my left wrist as well this morning... Furthermore, I could feel pain on my thigh as well while walking up the stairs to my office.

In the end, I have no regret on channelling all my energy through badminton. :P

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Mental Tiredness

ShoutOut: It has been many days since I last post here... usual excuse from me... busy with work... :P

P.S.: introducing something similar to KennySia's Short Talk. My ShoutOut is a way to talk about something that is not really related to the post but I still want to post out. Might change the name if I am able figure out a better one...


Usually, I could hear people talking about how tired they are and after listening to them, I would understand that they are physically tired, due to the fact that they are using their body to do something and in the end, they feel that they are physically tired.

While I normally have the same type of experience, today is exceptional... I may not be physical tired (not yet, at least but believe that I will once I finished my badminton session later today), I am mentally tired now...

As my manager was having a seminar throughout the whole day today and the fact that my other colleague is in Dubai now, I have to be handling all the daily work today (usually, my manager and colleague are the one handling all the stuff on local sales except chasing for payment, which is my part of work). I was being played by both a customer and also those from my factory as things keep on changing here and there...

I does feel like a ping pong ball being hit from both side and the worst thing is that I am in no position to get mad or scold anyone. Keeping cool is really hard but it is part of the culture that my manager implemented (he is really a super nice guy that hardly scold anyone) and I have to follow it as I dont want to step on anyone's tail...

I guess, in the end, I only want to get the thing done. The whole event really take a toll on me because now, I am almost "brain-dead"...

can't wait to finish my work for today and go home...

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Sing for unity

Remember about the song I blog about last Friday???

Well, there seem to be an article on it today in The Star... Here is the article:

Sing for unity

IT’S essentially this – over 120 Malaysians came together for one day to record a song and video about unity. The song is called Here in My Home and it’s written by Pete Teo. The project, called Malaysian Artistes for Unity, is an independent, non-partisan, non-profit national unity project that seeks to celebrate cultural diversity and the concept of Bangsa Malaysia.

There are no traditional costumes, no famous Malaysian foods and no touristy backdrops – just people. The song is in English, but has a multi-lingual section in Malay, Mandarin and Tamil.

Some big names make appearances in the video, including non-artistes AirAsia Bhd CEO Datuk Tony Fernandes, football coach, commentator and former national player Shebby Singh, and model/actress Amber Chia.

Contributing to the creation of the song are Afdlin Shauki, Awie, Ning Baizura, Atilia, Jaclyn Victor, Reshmonu, Jason Lo, Klg Sqwad, Altimet, Suki, Daniel Lee and East Malaysians Nikki Palikat (Sabah) and Melina William (Sarawak), respectively.

Although it’s called Malaysian Artistes for Unity, Teo decided he wouldn’t be discriminatory and had a handful of regular people in the video as well – including a florist, no less.

According to Teo, 120 people were involved in the project, most of whom are artistes, the rest are the production crew and the random non-artistes who make cameo appearances in the video.

In addition, Yasmin Ahmad co-directed it – all credit is due to her for the warm, fuzzy, feel-good vibe of the video, which incidentally, was shot at the Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre (KLPac),

At a press conference last week, Teo and gang put things into perspective, explaining why they did it. “We wanted to make it look real, to portray Malaysians as we are – in our jeans and t-shirts, just getting together and having fun,” said the recording artiste. “It’s just a song about being Malaysian. It’s to project how we really are,” he said.

The project cost nothing (excluding the phone calls and SMSes to get everyone together), and the entire video shoot took only one day. “This whole thing was done with no money, can you imagine what we could do with real money?” commented participating artiste Jason Lo.

Although the setting is rather urban, and there could probably have been more cultural diversity, their intentions seem noble, plus the song is catchy.

Here in My Home is a pleasant tune. The mid-section, which features a few rap lines, is the best part of the song, but overall it’s a tune you wouldn’t mind hearing on the radio several times a day, which is what Teo has planned for the project.

The song is already playing on radio, and the music video can be downloaded and streamed from various sites on the Internet for free.

Go to to watch it and find out how you can get involved.

(article courtesy of The Star Online)

I am so BLUR....

I am so BLUR yesterday, mistaking two person altogether...

This is really crazy and I need a rest...

Can't wait for my upcoming trip... another two weeks time...

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Did you felt it yesterday?

Did you felt the quake yesterday???

I did...

Was told that the quake centre was somewhere near northern Sumatra at Richter scale of 6.1

Monday, May 19, 2008

Happy Wesak Day

Happy Wesak Day to all Buddhist in the world.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Here in My Home

The MP3 and video is up for downloading...

Check it out here!

Friday, May 16, 2008

Here In My Home - Malaysian Artistes For Unity

Here is something to all Malaysian... Enjoyed!

Spread the words...

Check out their website here.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Wake Up Your Brain

Remember the most recent Fly FM Wake Up Your Brain's question?

1 billion of the world's population have this. What is it?

It was won this morning and the answer is on top of my list!!!

So, what is the answer?

Internet Connection!

D***. I missed out RM400...

Marie Digby Showcase @ 1 Utama

The Marie Digby Showcase was totally awesome... (minus the traffic jam that I have to endure while going to 1 Utama after work for 50 minutes and the 20 minutes wait before I managed to get out of the 1 Utama's carpark)

I met with two friends there, Hui Yee and hubby, and of course, my pet sister, San San...

When the MC of the night came out, they intro themselves as Jay and Roshan. This is actually the first time I see them in person (didnt bother to check out their face on the Mix FM's website until now) and I must say that Jay looks beautiful and Roshan, he is good looking...

Jay and Roshan of Mix FM

Before Marie Digby came out to perform, three contesters came out onto the stage to sing "Say It Again" to see who can sing it best. The best thing is that Marie Digby came out herself to listen to them singing, one by one... In the end, the contest was won by a 12 years old Kimberly (Hope I got her name right).
Kimberly performing "Say it again"

Then, a group of a cappella singer came on stage to perform the song again. Their name, Acustic 24 or something like that, are actually 1st runner-up of a Marie Digby's international contest to sought out people who could sing a different version of the song and they are really good too...

Finally, Marie Digby came on stage and sing pretty much of her songs. And, trust me when I say that she sing beautifully. She really sing like in the CD (som there isnt any 'engineering' involve while she was doing her recording, at least not on her voice).

But then again, the best thing that I got is the video of her singing "Say it again" and "Stupid for You" live. Sorry I am not able to share it here as the file is too big for me to upload.

Okay now, please enjoy the rest of the pictures I have choosen for this blog...
"Say it again"

"Stupid for you"

Roshan trying to get close Marie Digby

The crowd
This girl certainly know how to get her way to see her idol...

The backdrop

Me with the backdrop!

By the way, here is a picture of me and my pet sister, San San...
And for your information, I have been standing here to take all these pictures. 3 hours altogether and it is really tiring.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Marié Digby

Marié Digby is in town and she is going to sing today in Highstreet, One Utama at 8.00 pm. After missing out on Colbie Caillat a while back, I am not going to miss out on this one again...

Are you going there tonight??? If yes, see ya.

p.s: Hope to get some nice pictures of her tonight... watch out for this blog...

Propose on

Someone (Gavin Shi) proposed for his love one (Fiona Hii) through a blog, and not just any blog... The proposal was done through Can you believe it???

The proposal was posted yesterday and when I look into again today, there is an update and the girl say yes!!!


Check out the whole event here.

Answer to "What is Golf?"

Remember the question yesterday?

What is Golf?

Well, here is the answer as promised: Gentlemen Only, Ladies Forbidden

For me, it is really hilarious when I heard the answer. hahaha...

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

What is Golf?

This is one of the question in Fly FM's Wake Up Your Brain contest. It has already being answered and that person won RM600 just like that.

So you know what is the answer for the question about?

I will give the answer tomorrow.

BTW, current question for Fly FM's Wake Up Your Brain is What does 1 billion of the world population have?

Monday, May 12, 2008


There was a blood donation drive yesterday in Mudita Buddhist Centre, in conjunction with its official opening and I was all hyped up for it as I have not been donating blood for a while...

I was abit disappointed then when the doctor who checked my blood pressure told me that she strongly advise me not to donate as my blood pressure was low... 120/50... That was the first time I was rejected and I was really stunned. I guess, it is mainly due to the fact that I did not have enough sleep the night before...

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day!

To all the mother of the world,

Thank you for taking care of us...

With Love,

Your Children

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Lamy Studio

I have been waiting to get this post publish for a very long time... Well, I guess it is time now for me to show you something that I got for myself as a reward...

Presenting Lamy Studio...

The Great Brand (not the name of a mahjong's game)

The Box

The Box

Lamy Studio

Different angle

Another angle...

Friday, May 09, 2008

The waiting is over

After waiting for a month, the letter that I have been waiting for has finally arrived. I am talking about my confirmation letter. My manager pass it to me just now and the wait is finally over...

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Good Tasty Penang Food

Gurney Drive's food is all hype and nothing more... That is what I can say after having my so called dinner there when I was in the island on a business trip. Almost nothing there taste nice, not even a "famous" 50 years old stall selling Char Koay Teow or the Penang Har Mee (Prawn Mee) or even the Fried Oyster.

My manager ordered the first two and he could not even finished half of. In fact, he was cursing like hell about them. My favourite Penang Fried Oyster was another letdown... The taste suck and before long, we were out of the place.

The place that we find the best foods was actually a place called New Lane. The place is nearby Sunway Hotel Georgetown on the Macalister Road and it is really my favourite place to get my Fried Oyster. It taste so good every time I went there and it is always on the top of my list..

Another place that I would say is better than Gurney Drive is Swatow Lane... The best thing about it is that the local government has help upgrade the place and it really look nice... And this is the place where I go for the ice kacang with ice cream... Oooooohh... Yummy...

So, my last word on this post... If you want good tasty Penang Food, dont go Gurney Drive.

P.S.: Batu Ferringhi is also the same like Gurney Drive... All hyped and nothing in it...

Happy Birthday, 988

Just got to know that today is 988FM's 12th Birthday...

Just wanna say Happy Birthday...

Monday, May 05, 2008


Wont be around for two days (beginning tomorrow)... Going outstation to Penang (again), this time for work, though...

Saturday, May 03, 2008


I am lucky to be able to get some rest before the upcoming Wesak Month, which is going to be a hectic one for me.

Still, I must plan ahead for several important events. Hope everything is going to be just fine...

Friday, May 02, 2008

Bridge to Terabithia

I used to be vary of "The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe" until recently when I got a copy of the first part of movie. Watching it, I become hooked and was searching desperately for the second part, which I couldn't get even when I search high and low...

When I almost gave up hope, weoili managed found a copy of the movie (in DVD) and passed it to me. I watched with great satisfaction and the best part of it is that the DVD consist of not one, but three movies in one.

The DVD, actually consists of The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, Pan's Ladyrinth and Bridge of Terabithia.

I have yet to watch Pan's Labyrinth but I was attracted to Bridge to Terabithia in the first instant.

It is really a great movie which I would say as shocking but at the same time, heartwarming.

The movie is about about two lonely children, Jesse Aarons and Leslie Burke, who create a magical forest kingdom. Although the writer of the story was emphasizing on friendship as main theme, I find that the most beautiful part of the movie is about the loyalty.

A charming movie for sure...

p.s.: I like the main actress: AnneSophia Robb