Sunday, September 26, 2010

Knee's Injury

I have been suspecting the seriousness of the injury and even though it is not being confirmed by a doctor, I understand very well that it is very serious.

I have been having problem trying to sit in crossed-leg posture since that incident and the more that I am thinking about it, the more that I think I should retire from running and all the other sports. Maybe I should take up swimming...

Let's just see what is in store for me...

Food Huntz

I am starting another blog which focus mainly on foods… It would show restaurants that I went to and foods that I have tasted which is highly recommended.

If you are interested, please visit Food Huntz blog regularly.

I have already posted one post there about one of my favourite restaurant in Mutiara Damansara call Craft Brews. If you wanna know what is so special about this restaurant, click into the blog to have a look.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Nike City 10K KL

I will be participating in Nike City 10K Kuala Lumpur.

Some basic details of the event is as below:
Venue: Kuala Lumpur City Centre
Date: 10 October 2010
Time: 7am onwards
Are you interested to join me? Sign up today… (link)