Friday, December 28, 2007

Christmas' Gifts that I Got

How many Christmas gift did you get this year? I am not trying to show off but this is my way of saying thanks to those that gave me a Christmas gift.

These are the three gifts that I got:

A Tupperware: Using it to keep some small items in my room... (Dunno who gave one)

Family Cuboid: Something that looks like a piggy 'shaking' its head and body with the present of light (both sunlight and fluorescents light). Yes, it is solar powered. (Also Dunno who gave one)

Glow-in-the-dark Wrist Support Elephant: I could say that this is the most special gift that I got this year... I am actually very concern with Carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) and have been looking for a wrist support for a while. Now that I got one, it is following me to work and come back home everyday. (Gift by ellyee).

So, thank you again for the great gifts...

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Christmas BBQ / Birthday Party

Nowadays in Malaysia, everyone would be looking for excuses to get-together and every occasion would be celebrate together without the barrier of religions or races.

Same things happens with my group of friends... Weoi Li, Li Jin and I planned a BBQ get-together on Christmas and 13 person turn up. I know that it is really a small get-together as we only call certain old birds from KCBA. Those present were Weoi Li, Li Jin, Kok Lim, Mee Leng, Han Xue, Winfred, Chee Yong, Gee Way, Fay Chin, Ji Long, Ling Sze and my special guest, ellyee and of course me.

What initially planned as a Christmas get-together (as I know) turn out to be a birthday party for those with birthday in December as well...

Birthday Boys and Girls

The Healthy Cake

The Birthday Boys and Girls with the Cake

Blowing the Cake

Cutting the cake

Playing with the cream

After eating the healthy cake bought by Kok Lim (thanks Kok Lim), we continue with the gift exchanges section...

Once everyone got their gift we continue the night with a video of Weoi Li and Li Jin's wedding...

Want to know what I got for Christmas? Check out my next post...

Christmas' Countdown @ Aloha

Where were you on Christmas Eve? I dunno about you but I sure had a great time meeting up with new friends and had fun. Don't understand me? Let me explain...

I met up with some of my old friends in Saisaki Japanese Buffet Restaurant in Wisma UOA II in KL, who brought another group of friends together. Altogether, we had about 21 person having dinner together. It was a quite session initially cause many of us are quite foreign with each other... Some that was around include, Puah, Wei Chuen, Hon Fei, Weng Fei and partner, Vincent (new friend) and Kenny (new friend)... There are many others but I dont really know their name... yet.

But things started to warm up after the dinner when most of us want to go for round two of entertainment... So, we end up in Honolulu Club @ Aloha.

Party all the way through countdown and we continue to dance until the about 2.30 am...

By the time I reached home, it was almost 4.00 am. Went straight to sleep and next thing I know, I was waking up at about 9.00 am courtesy of the liquor's effect that always hit me... (The more I drink, the earlier I will wake up). At least I got 5 hours of sleep...

P.S.: Got one comment from my mum the next day saying that I am getting more and more 'naughty'. Guess she was referring my 'clubbing' habit which see me going clubbing once every month. :P

Monday, December 24, 2007

Taiping Lake

Gua Tempurung, Ipoh and Taiping

Yes, you read it correctly...

I just came back from Gua Tempurung, Ipoh and Taiping... I know that it was not really that long since the last time I went there (Gua Tempurung, about a few months back) but when opportunity arise for me to have fun, I would not hesitate at all. Furthermore, I had always wanted to go to Ipoh to 'cari makan'... Will like to say thank you to Lee Yee as she is the only one that join me on this trip.

Anyway, about my second time going into Gua Tempurung... I was more ready this time, knowing what to expect already, I tried to prepare myself the best that I can. This time, I wore a t-shirt, short pants and slippers (On my first trip, both my sock and sport shoe was a goner...). I also bump into my guide for the first trip, Tok Janggut and I was abit shock that he still remember me.

Anyway, I must says that this trip is abit more challenging than the first due to the fact that it is rainy season now. I do noticed that the water level is higher and that the route are more slippery really make it a very different experience altogether.

The group was a medium size group of about 38 persons, young and old from countries like Malaysia, Singapore and even Korea. I got two cuts, one on my knee and the other on my finger and my body is aching all around.

After the caving in Gua Tempurung, we went to Kellie's Castle (I know, I Know... this is the 5th time I am there and really, I dont mind...) before going to Ipoh.

Night time there is the golden hours that I hunt for some of my favourite foods... Taugeh chicken with horfun at Onn Kee... Also bought the "Heong Peah" or "Honey Biscuit" which I believe is very delicious... (different people got different taste... so if you don't agree with me, live with it...)

The next morning, we went to the ever popular Fohsan Dimsum restaurant. Love their dim sum there... really, really delicious. As usual, have to wait for quite a while and we also have to tumpang other people's table to eat... but the meal is really satisfactory.

After checking out, we went to Taiping Lake just for the sake of visiting the place... Found some new places That I did not know previously and took some pictures there...

By the time we want to go back to Klang Valley, traffic start to build up, especially in at Jelapang Toll and Ipoh Selatan Toll.

By the time I sent Lee Yee back to Miharja, it was already 5.20 pm and I reached home at about 6.00 pm...

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

My 3rd Wife

Introducing, my third wife...

Fujifilm Finepix S5600

I brought here about 2 years ago and it has been a faithful companion all this while

I will introduce my second wife soon...

DYC 12: Experience in the Dark

Another activity that worth me talking here about the youth camp would be the Experience in the Dark.

(Yes, I know. I have been talking a lot about the youth camp and I promise you that this is the last one, unless I remember something else to write about it again)

Anyway, the activity is not really something out of the ordinary. It is just an activity that we blindfold all the participants and lead them (while holding each other's hand) around the KCBA premise in the night (yeah, I know it is the usual stuffs).

What make this activity worth mentioning is actually events that happened during the activity.

Committee members are given the task not just to take them around the premise but to create havoc on them. Some of the stuff that the committee members did include sudden shouting, slamming doors, cutting their line, go into sudden high speed and obstacles all around the premise.

What is really remarkable that make me mentioning it here is the actions taken by the participants during the activities...

Since some of the stuff that we do was by force, the participants actually hold each others hand tighter than normal. it can really be seen as some of the committee members (me included) joined in as part of the line and purposely holding back the line... The few that holds me actually tighten their grip on me until my hand hurts abit... Leonie actually came to me after the activity for a hand massage becoz her hand hurt so much (luckily no serious injuries was reported). I was told that there was even one that was reportedly hanging, like Matrix, a few inch from the "stair handle' (forgotten what it is called) but because of the trust for his friend, nothing really happened to him.

If everyone can actually trust each other like that, we would have a more peaceful world indeed.

What I can says here is that I do believe that I had a group of friends that I can always rely on. You know who you are!

DYC 12: Light Sharing

For a change, the camp does not have the Night of Thousand Candles this year. Instead, they have a new activity call Light Sharing.

The idea of this activities is actually really good but the result was not what the person in charge expected.

The activity goes like this... All the participants of the camp would be "HUMAN" whereas the committee members would be divided to several groups, notably Lighter, Blower, Timer, Guide and Hellkeeper.

When the activity starts, all human are supposed to be put somewhere in the KCBA premise with a candle in their hand. The Lighters will go around lighting up as many candles as possible throughout the activity. The Blowers' main objective would be to blow off those candles that have been lighted and Timers will time those Human whose candles has been blown off... If within 30 seconds, the blown off candles is not lighted back, that Human is consider dead and is send to Hell where the Hellkeeper will take care of them...

The objective of the activity is actually to tell the participants that life is unfair, opportunity does not come knocking on the door too often and unity means strength. There are many other objective for this activity but I can't think of any right now...

Anyway, many funny things happened during the actitivities but I can't really tell you here coz, even though I am part of the game but I was supposed to be located in one place only. Yes, I am the Hell King. I take care of the hell.

Do you want to join me in hell? :P

DYC 12: Feedbacks

DYC 12: Feedbacks on ME!

At the end of the camp, I have received may feedbacks on myself and I must say that I was surprise on some of these feedbacks...

Most of the feedbacks I received was when everyone were having the self-evaluation session on the final day of the camp. As usual, a piece of paper is stick to the back of everyone and everyone can go around writing anything that they feel about that someone...

I maintained that I don't mind letting other tell me how bad am I but surely, I don't write for anyone... Walking around, I could see many people really want to give me their piece of mind about me but luckily, I only have one piece of paper stick to my back...

Anyway, some of the feedbacks that I received are as follow:
  • Wow... You can play til so open. Yao Yeng la.
  • Friendly this year.
  • Rock on!
  • Pain in the butt!! But I like!
  • Friendly this year.
  • Light an incense for me now.
  • Too cool to be u...
  • Sesat kia
  • cute gay
  • Funny as always!
  • BusyBody
  • cruel, evil
  • Hell Keeper Rox!
  • dummie ahead
  • This year temper not that hot
All these feedback are exactly like the one on the piece of paper (slight alteration coz some used Mandarin wordings that I dunno how to put in). Another feedback that I got later on was that I was, to an extend, one of the attraction of the camp (did I told you about this?) :P

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

DYC 12: Participants

As far as I can see, I would like to comment that this year's participants is really the most obedient of all those that I have encountered since the first youth camp.

Except for the occasions when some of them don't really want to go to sleep (I guess this is the life of the new generation), They do follow instructions given to them and I guess that is one of the reason why I managed to be "friendly" this year. I hope that I can be like this for many years to come...

Another thing that I want to say is that maybe because of having too many participants this year, it is harder to engage everyone in all actitivities...

DYC 12: Say What!

Usually, during the camp, the morning exercise is a super boring time. But that cannot be says for this year as the committee members managed to bring something different into the morning exercise. In fact, I would says that they are very noisy...

This is how they do it... One of the committee member, in this case, Ravin, would be leading the pack of all the participants and some committee members to go on a random sequences of shouts which consist of three phrase:

Say What!
Say Fu-yoh!
Say Wah Lau Eh!

The first time I heard it was on the third day of the camp. I was still sleeping in the committee room, before getting up to get ready to go to work and was hoping to get the most sleep that I can and out of sudden, I have about 80 people shouting according to Ravin's leads...

Say What! WHAT! Say Fu-yoh! FU-YOH! Say Wah Lau Eh! WAH LAU EH! Say Fu-Yoh! FU-YOH! Say What! WHAT! Say What! WHAT!...

It continued for quite a while and I would like to say that they really make a good alarm clock...

Monday, December 17, 2007

DYC12: Auction

Another new feature of the camp would be the auction of many of the committee members of the camp plus me!

Yupe, you read it right!

I was up for auction...

The auction took place on the last day of the camp where almost every committee members was up for auction. What I did not expect was something that some of the groups did.

Many of the committee members were sold at 30 to 40 merit points (subsitute for money which they earn through various activities throughout the camp) and the best individual auction was Ravin, which fetched 82 merit points alone.

What I did not expected was that I would be the main 'item' for the whole auction as Weng Phoon and I was the last to be auctioned... The bid was crazy with the teams grouped together their resources (merit points) to buy both of us. In the end, we were sold at 388 merit points (that is about 194 merit points for each of us). There was a group that purposely did not buy any other committee member just to make sure that they would have me...

After the auction, the team(s) that bought the committee member(s) has a period of time to ask us to do whatever that they want us to do (with a certain limits)...

The group(s) that 'bought' me initially makes me put on fake "breast" made up of papers and later ask me to put on sexy poses... Luckily I was not alone and I want those participants to feel that their buy is worth it, I followed their order... Later, we have to go on stage to dance and do some other acts (like taking off our shirt which only Weng Phoon and I did) as well and we end it with a dance using the song "Upside Down)...

DYC12: Water War

One of the prominent activity that has never been missed out from a KCBA Dhamma Youth Camp is Water War. In fact, it has been one of the main attraction for the camp itself. Yet, Water War is never be the same. One way or another, there would be some changes even though there are some similarities...

In the first part of the Water War, only the committee members are allowed to splash water on the participants. But as one of the two person running the water-war, I was instructed to give the participants a chance to splash water on the committee members in the later part of the war... I even volunteered myself in the middle of the 'war-zone' and says that I would not leave my position and anyone can splash water on me...

There were many instant that I unpurposely made mistakes and was either splashed by the committee members or participants... these moments created a lot of laughter from everyone and greatly lift the spirit of the war...

In the end, I believes that everyone have alot of fun. Believe me when I say this, I was wet over and over again throughout that 3 hours of water war...

DYC 12: Overview

KCBA Dhamma Youth Camp 12 is officially over yesterday.

KCBA Dhamma Youth Camp has always been part of my yearly schedule of event that I will try my best to be around.

This year, I went in as a advisor and photographer just to help out... What I did not know is that I would be getting more than I could possible imagine...

Since I still have to work during weekdays and on Saturday morning, the time I spend there are more limited compare to the time I used to spend there...

Anyway, I tried my best to help out in any way that I can. I made a resolution since last year that I dont want to scold anyone but did not manage to do it last year. However, I am glad that I did it this year...

The committee members for this year includes Huey Ying, Li Ling, Jessy, Shin Ling, Mei Xuen, Desmond, Ruby, Chun Hau, Pei Yun, Shin Dee, Chia Wei, Mandy, Leonie, Esther, Pei Pei, Kai Loong, Wei Loong, Wee Kiat, Wai Yee, Tuck Long, Rachel, Ravin, Nirosah and Wai Loon (If I miss you out, please forgive me). Even though there are some minor hiccups here and there, I would still like to say Congratulation to you all for your contribution and creativities... In case I somehow offended anyone of you, my humble apologies to you...

As I was there for a limited time only, especially on the first two days, I was on low profile until the next day. Apart from me, several other seniors come in to help as well and the other significant senior that contribute a lot is Weng Phoon (he just come out from hospital because of dengue).

I guess because of the lack of experience, certain activities actually need one of the seniors to take over just to control the participants. This is where I have created another trademark phrase: "5 Minutes of Silence" I used it so much that it makes a lot of the participants laughing but understand what I want them to do, that is to keep quite and listen to either me or the committee members for further instructions...

If you want to know more about the things that happened in the camp, I will try to write as many posts about the thing that happened in the camp as possible. Be sure to check out my blog more often. Will try to upload some of the pictures that I have taken during the camp too...

Saturday, December 15, 2007

KCBA Youth Camp 12 (2007)

KCBA Youth Camp is ongoing now... Have to come out from the camp to work... after work, need to go back...

Monday, December 10, 2007

Mixed Feeling

I am having mixed feeling right now.


Yesterday was The Big Day for Loong Yeaw, a good friend of mine and his now wife.

Yes, yesterday was their wedding day and I am part of the BROTHERS that join him to 'fetch' (apology for not using a better word here) his wife home.

What really came in as a surprise is that initially I thought of taking photos like all the other wedding that I have been covering but Loong Yeaw actually has a special task for me...

I was to become the videographer for the whole trip, recording the many events that took place while he was on his journey to 'fetch' his wife and back. Indeed, I was honoured to be that person, even though I dont really know whether I did a good job for it or not... Forgive me if my 'work is not up to your expectation.

One last thing about becoming the videographer is that it is better to get a lighter viewcam for these job or if you have the budget, get a professional for the job... It is really a tiring job holding that 'heavy' viewcam even though I did enjoy the experience...

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Multiply Personalities

I went to watch "Mad Detective" yesterday with ellyee in TGV, BRCC. Initially thought that it is just another detective movie (the genre that I like), I was shock to find that this movie actually offer more than that.

The protagonist, Detective Bun, can see the inner ghost(s) of anyone, if the person got it. And it turn out that the antagonist, Wong Chi-Wai, has 7 inner ghosts. Won't say much about the movie, just in case you have not watch it yet.

But after watching the movie, I have been asking both ellyee and myself on how many inner ghost(s) or the word that I would rather use, how many personalities that I have...

Somehow, I felt that I have many personalities in me...

If you could see the different personalities that I have, please let me know by leaving a comment to tell me about the different personalities that I have and that you know. Thanks....

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Outstation to Penang

I am going to Penang tomorrow, well ahead from the initial plan of end of January 2008 but not for holiday but more of a business outstation trip with both my manager and also my GM. The main reason I am going is because I am kinda well-versed with Penang's road and will be there as the "tour guide"...

Mainly staying in Butterworth area, I am wondering whether I will be able to go to Batu Feringghi to "sapu" dvd or not...

Keeping my finger crossed...

Will be back on Friday...

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Weoi Li and Li Jin's Wedding Photos

Sorry for keeping many of you waiting... there was a technical glitch...

Monday, December 03, 2007

Sunday with a Differences

After telling myself to skip going to Incovar on Sunday, I thought that it would be a uneventful day. Boy, I was wrong. In fact, I was doing more things that I thought possible.

Late in the evening, I got a call from YH asking whether I want to go have lunch with him or not. I made the correct guess that his gf is attending a training course and he need someone to accompany him to pass the time (This is the second time actually).

Since I have not even ate my breakfast at that time, I agreed and we went out for Hainanese food near the old REX cinema. Afterward, we move on to Klang Parade for 7 games of pool before playing another 2 games of bowling.

Next, we have some light refreshment at the snooker centre while watching the Hong Kong Badminton Open Final where we were disappointed when Lee Chong Wei was defeated again by World's No. 1, Lin Dan.

What I did not expected was to meet up with a relative/friend of mine after many years we have lost in touch. She invited me to join her for a movie with another friend later that day and we ended up watching "Enchanted" at TGV Bukit Raja Shopping Centre.

After the movie, we moved on to 99 Mamak for my dinner where we talked on alot of stuffs. By the time I reach home, it was about 11pm and I continued with some personal work before going to sleep at 12am. I am still abit blur now even while I am writing this post... Zzzz......

Saturday, December 01, 2007


Strangely to say this but I had never been in silence like many of you except when I am sleeping. Don't understand what I am talking about? Let me explain.

If I am in a situation when I am alone and there is no source of sound whatsoever, I will still be hearing sound (something like a ringing/whining sound and no, it is not supernatural).

I guess I never really give a thought about it before until last year when I encounter the idea. The reason I never noticed it before is because this ringing/whining sound have been with me since I was young and all these while, I thought that it is actually normal.

The correct name for this situation is Tinnitus but itself is not really a disease but more of a symptom resulting from a range of underlying causes, like ear infection, foreign objects or wax in the ear and injury from loud voice. I guess the cause for me having this ringing/whining in the ear is the wax that have been accumulated in my ear all the while... Most of the time, I have sinus in the morning and it is actually the same stuff that cause the ringing/whining...

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Dinner with Old Friends...

I went out with June Ying yesterday. I have promised her to ‘belanja’ her a Japanese meal last week as a birthday gift to her. She was very busy last week so we end up going out only yesterday.

Initially, she want to have Japanese food somewhere in Bandar Bukit Tinggi (BBT) but when we were somewhere nearby Aeon Jusco BBT, we decided to go there to look for our dinner. We called up Shii Yun to see whether she would be free to come out to join us for ‘makes’ or not but she says that she would need to work later.

From the floor plan that I got the other day, we saw that there is a Sakae Sushi in there and we decided to try our luck. The bad news is that Sakae Sushi is not open yet. We walked around and finally decided to try Che Go, a Korean restaurant nearby. While waiting for us to be serve, we saw Shii Yun and family walking nearby. They end up having dinner with us.

We also have Lian Sing joining us for dinner. He called June when we just reach Aeon Jusco BBT and by the time we sat on the table, he is with us already. We talked a lot about our friends, getting updates that would otherwise impossible to get. After the dinner, we walked around the shopping complex before heading home.

When we decided to contact Shii Yun, we also decided to play a prank with her. We used my mobile to call but June does the talking. Because it has been a while since Shii Yun talked to June, I told her to say that I went to Thailand to have a sex-change and that my voice changed to more feminine because of it… Dunno she fell for it or not but we were having fun at that time.

After Shii Yun knows that it is June who is talking to her, she curiously ask who else are there with us. To have more fun, we told her that there are only both of us and that we are going out on a date… Shii Yun reply saying that it that ever happened, it should have happened about 10 years ago when we were still young… haha…

P.S.: I end up at Aeon Jusco Bandar Bukit Tinggi again... Twice in three days... Not complaining though!

My 4th Wife

Introducing, my 4th wife…

Dell Inspiron 1520 Notebook. She arrived yesterday and she is everything that I expected she would be…

I will introduce to you my other wives soon, if you still have not met them yet… :P

Monday, November 26, 2007

HINDRAF March @ Jalan Dato Hamzah

As the event is currently unfolding, a large group of Indians are in a large parade around the Little India, Klang. I believe that this is because of the captured HINDRAF leader being brought to court in the nearby magistrate court.

KL Live and Loud

Actually, I got one thing that I forgot to mention in my previous post. While I was in Aeon Jusco Bandar Bukit Tinggi 2, I managed to caught up my MyFM Troopers... There were there to give out freebies and one of the freebies is the KL Live and Loud Concert ticket. In fact, there were giving out 2 tickets worth RM500++. Only three person want to attend the concert and I was one of them... The guy in charge, Jeffrey, makes us do some silly things before telling us that it is going to be given out on a very basic game. The game "Lat tali lat tali tam pong" (I know you are laughing now but it is really the thing that Jeffrey want us to do) will involved everyone and the one who used the different sign will win the tickets...

Sigh... did not manage to get it because the other guy used the same sign as me... (I really wanna **** the guy, just kidding)

Anyway, the ticket was won by a former colleague of mine, TingTing. It has been a while since I last saw her.

After a while, I realize that I am glad that she won the tickets... If it were me who won the tickets, I am not sure whether I will be able to go or not. And even if I am able to go, I also don't have anyone to join me to the concert...

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Updates for the week

Many things happened for the past week. In fact, it was too many that I still have not have the time to really write it in their respective post... Anyway, until I get the time, I am going to just summerize things that I want to write on...

The pictures from Weoi Li and Li Jin's wedding is ready and I am going to pass it to them tonight during a mamak get-together later on... Hopefully, I can upload it into Image Captured Studio soon by end of next week. I will post in here as well.

The day after the wedding, I was invited to MasterMind Training Centre's Open Day. I guess you must me wondering what is this MasterMind Training Centre. To keep it simple, it is actually a high-end computer-aided tuition centre opened by Shireen, a former colleague of mine. It is situated in Uptown, Damansara Utama. What is really great about this tuition centre would be the special concept it has taken upon, whereby a bit part of the tuition is done using computer. What is really dramatic about it is that, the system that is running throughout the tuition centre is actually going to give the parent a real-time report through sms to let you know about the progress of their tuition. The thing that is great about the centre for students is actually the concept that tuition in MasterMind gives them a status and it is more that a tuition centre. It is a place where students can interact with each other and at the same time have fun while learning.

From Monday until Thursday, I was really busy with the final touch-up of the Weoi Li and Li Jin's wedding and MasterMind Open Day's photos... It is really a lot of work since I am working on about 800 photos at one go but I am not complaining, really. It is part of the work, since I am in the 'business' of wedding photography now. In fact, I am honoured to be able to do these works and I really like taking photographs and the works behind it.

Also, on Thursday, I meet up with a few of my former colleagues from Comfori. The meet-up point is Marco's Pizza in Kelana Jaya. the place looked decent enough but if you really want to eat pizza, I would suggest that you go for Domino's or Pizza Hut. Jason Cho, who I have not seen for a while now, is now in the beauty salon business. He even give me a nice looking lighter. Thanks, Jason. Those that came includes Eric and wife, Carmen, Vynnie, Angie and of course me!

After meet-up at Marco's, I moved on to the next meet-up. This time, it was with Shireen and her bf, Jack. The reason I meet with them is to pass the MasterMind's photos to them... Of course, we talk about other things but I can't really write it here.

I can declare that last Friday is really a really special day for my family. It was one of the rare day when I can see that almost everyone of the family, my parents, uncles and aunties, cousins, nephew and of course our two special guests, both Wei Wen's and Si Mun's bf is around as well to celebrate my grandma's 83rd birthday. Even with the presence of these two special guests, the limelight was stolen by my nephew, Kok Ming. His everlasting energy while playing around really amazed alot of people and it really remind me of my old self when I was at the same age long lime ago. The great thing about Kok Ming is that he is the one that makes my grandma smile a lot when he ask her to smile when we were singing the birthday song and when she was about to cut the cake.

The company that I am working in now, Southern Edible Oil Industries Sdn Bhd is actually part of Southern Group. The reason I am talking about it is that last Satuday, the company's sport club organized a FitriVali celebration at Royal Klang Club. Almost everyone from the company is present and those present were supposed to wear traditional wears... It was a feast for the eyes as many, both male and female, of them really put in their effort to wear great-looking traditional wears. I on the other hand, just keep it simple. In fact, I think I cheated... I just wore the maroon batik shirt that was part of the package paid when I entered UMS. At least I am wearing traditional wear...

FitriVali ends about 2 pm and went to the new Aeon Jusco Shopping Centre at Bandar Bukit Tinggi 2. It is actually the Opening Day of the shopping centre and I have decided to meet up with a group of new friends that I have made in a forum that I came across not so long ago. The forum is called MyKlang and it is open to all who is related to Klang in one way or another. If you are interested, you can join in as well. Anyway, back to the meet-up at Aeon Jusco Shopping Centre. Many people actually said that they will come but I guess, due to the infinite possible, only four of us manage to show up. Kimmy, as the forum's owner, HijackQueen, Jimmy and me... It is really great to finally meet up with you guys (and girl) even though it is just a small group. Looking forward for the next one because HijackQueen and Kimmy have been telling about how great KurauKing is at recommending and bringing the rest to where great food is in Klang.

Hope that I can upload those photos soon...

Friday, November 23, 2007

Crazy price for Crude Palm Oil

At the time I am writing this, the price for Crude Palm Oil is hitting a new record high - RM3001 PMT...

This is crazy compare to the time when Crude Palm Oil is at the lowest price of less than RM800 PMT a few years back...

Great things about being Malaysian...

Actually there are a lot of great things about being a Malaysian...

One thing for sure would be our compatibility in terms of language. I believe that many Malaysians can actually converse in at least three language and a few other dialets...

Basic language that Malaysian are able to converse in includes Malay Language, English and Mandarin. There are some who are able to converse in other language such as Japanese language, Tamil, Spanish, Français and even Korean. It is true... really.

Dialets (mostly for Chinese) includes Hokkien, cantonese, Fuzhou, Hakka and Hainanese are all part of a Malaysian life. What is really great about it is that when two Malaysian is talking, they can use two different language/dialet and yet they are able to understand each other correctly.

The other great thing about being a Malaysian in term of language would be the ability to translate two different language in a blink of an eyes.

It happened to one of my uncle one day when he was in a business trip to China. He was at his Chinese friend's office when there another businessman is around. This businessman however is a Westerner and both side has a translator each. But is was funny, as my uncle says, that they are not able to communicate with each other.

The conversation lasted for a while and clearly it is not getting anywhere. So, my uncle interrupted the 'conversation' and help out. Within 5 minutes, everything has been settled. It seems that both the translators are very good with their work on paper only, not in conversation.

After the discussion, the Chinese businessman actually asked my uncle to look for anyone as good as my uncle to work with him.

That is one of the great thing about being a Malaysian. If you have any comments or suggestions, please let me know...

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

I have a Confession to make...

I need to make a confession.

I did sOMeThINg yesterday...

(what are you thinking?) I did not do anything bad or illegal or against my own principles... (If you are thinking something 'serong', you better go and cleanse your thought)

Actually, I have made a purchase... A purchase that can be consider the most expensive one I have ever taken by myself

**my car cannot be consider as one as my dad pay for the deposit, even though I have paid him back already... I think; and the apartment that I 'bought' with my ex-gf is not entirely my own purchase. In fact, I have 'sold' it to her... so, that one does not count as well...


I will stop my long-winding blogging here and open the chest of the mystery...

I brought a LAPTOP!!! I bought a LAPTOP!!! I brought a LAPTOP!!! (forgive me for my burst of happiness... I couldn't sleep yesterday, thinking of what I can do with the laptop with me. I have a few plan that was put on hold because I don't have a computer to work on... what plan? cannot tell... secret... Will announce it once it is complete...)

Yes... I bought a laptop from Dell and if there is no problem, I should be getting it next week...

I just can't wait...

Monday, November 19, 2007

Weoi Li and Li Jin's Official Wedding (17th Nov 2007)

Finally, I have a Sister-in-law (sort of)...

As you all know, I don't really have a brother (I am the oldest in the family) and I have always taken Weoi Li as my big brother (and always will). In fact, I have been calling him "big brother" for more than 13 years already (since 1994 if I am not mistaken, when we are in the same class during Form 2).

Well, he got married last Saturday with his sweetheart, Li Jin, who is also another good friend of mine...

As one of the photographer who has been covering their registration on the 9th September 2007 (the other being Jason, SanSan's life partner - can't say husband yet cos they have registered but havn't go though the official ceremony yet), I continue my work by being the main photographer of the event again.

Went to Li Jin's place as early as 6.45 am to cover the make-up process. By 8.00 am, the 'chi mui' (sisters) started arriving. Fay Chin, Mee Leng, Pei Yun, Koh Pek, Huey Ying, Ling Sze, Haruka (from Japan), Ivy and some others are among the "chi mui"... Every 'chi mui' was shock to see me there but they came to accept that I need to be there to capture the bride's side of the journey... Funny that they even thought of asking me to wear a skirt to become one of them...

Well, by the time the groom arrive at the bride's place, the 'chi mui' already kick me out of the house (I guess they thought that I might pass the key out or something...).

With the influence of Hong Kong's Drama, 'chi mui' nowadays will try to give the 'heng tai' (brothers) a hard time before the groom can bring his wife home. 'Heng Tai' consist of Ji Long, Kok Lim, Gee Way, Tuck Bin, Kai Loong, Shyen, Wei Loong, Winfred, Chee Yong, Kean Hua and many more. Not forgetting ME!

First up, pysical test. Two 'heng tai', Weng Phoon and Shyen. Eating carrot while pumping. Weng Phoon lying down while holding a stick of carrot while Shyen bite the carrot while pumping directly on top of Weng Phoon.

Next up would be the "Tastes of Marriage" (Sweet, Sour, Bitter and Spicy). The 'chi mui' prepared the four different taste using chilli in fried wanton(for the Spicy), minced bittercout (for the Bitter), honey on some sweet "kueh" (for the sweet) and god-know what for the sour...

For the third test, the 'chi mui' asked who is the groom's best friend and everyone looked at me. Answering the challenge, I stepped up to take the challenge. Pei Yun said that it is a very simple task and he hand me an raw egg. What I need to do then is to roll the egg through my trousers. Hard to explain how it feels like except to say that it is cold. The 'heng tai' was joking that I should make sure that while one egg goes in, only one egg comes out and not three eggs... Another was advising me not to grab the egg too hard. By the time the egg passed halfway, Wei Loong was asking me to let to egg slide down. But since I don't have any extra trouser then, I keep it cool, letting the egg slide down slowly. Thanks Buddha that the egg come out in one piece.

Before we can go though the main door, the 'chi mui' asked for the "Door Opening Ang Pau". As we are following the tradition, Weoi Li gave it to them...

Initially thought that by this time, everything should be settled but halfway up the stairs, the girl blocked us saying that we need to answer some question, both general and personal... After these questions, Weoi Li have to do one last thing... He has to sign a Love Contract...

After doing all these, the groom finally got to meet with his bride...

Next up is the "Tea Ceremony" in the bride's place before moving to the groom's place for yet another round of "Tea Ceremony"...

So, from last Saturday onwards, I have Li Jin as my "tua soh", apart from Weoi Li as my 'big brother'...

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Along in TV?

(A man wearing singlet sitting slowly in a room with a fan blowing...)

*Peng yu, ho bo?*
Friend. How are you?

*Ai cho seng li ah?*
Want to do business?

*Bo lui*
No money?

*Ka gua kong la*
Tell me la.

*De ai lor chui*
How much you need?

*Gor cheng? Gua chio de*
RM5000? I lend to you.

*Chap cheng? Gua chio de*
RM10,000? I lend to you.

*Gor chap cheng? Gua pun eh sai chio de*
RM50,000? I also can lend to you.


(Switch on the light and wear uniform)

*Gua lang me shi along*
We are not along...

*Gua lang ai tolong*
We are here to tolong...

* Read these in Hokkien....

Saw this in the TV... can't remember the name of the ministry but the way they do it is really catchy... I was laughing when I finished watching the advertisement...

To tell you the truth, I almost believe that the advertisement was done by along.... haha

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Trip to Ipoh (Again?)


Thinking about going to Ipoh again... Probably next month (December 2007) ... if got enough "kaki"...

Interested? Should be a short one though (Go on Saturday, come back on Sunday)...

Sleep Early...

As I was having trouble sleeping early on Sunday night, I manage to make up to it yesterday night. I couldn't believe myself that I slept about 9.00 pm... Woke up briefly at about 12.00 pm just to brush my teeth and wash my face before continuing with my ZZZZzzzzzz.....

Luckily still managed to switch on my alarm clock... Woke up fresh this morning...

Monday, November 12, 2007

Packed Year-End

I just realized that from this week onwards, most of my weekend is fully packed with activities... Don't believe? take a look at this

Week 46 (This week): Weoi Li and Li Jin's Wedding
Week 47 : Company's lunch for Hari Raya Aidilfitri and Deepavali
Week 48: Incovar Camp (Inter College and Varsity Camp by BGF) - tagging along, probably as a helper
Week 49: Long Yaw's Wedding (becoming brother)
Week 50: KCBA English Youth Camp
Week 51: Possible trip to Ipoh
Week 52: Dunno yet. Rest, I think... :P

All-You-Can-Eat Steamboat

My mum was telling me something that I found funny and true that I decided to share it here.

She was joking with me when I went over to fetch her from KCBA last Saturday when she told me that my breakup with my ex-gf was actually a blessing in disguise (at least for my family members) and I immediately understand what she means. Before the breakup, I would normally spend my weekend with my family once in a blue moon (normally during special occasion only) as most of my time then is allocated for her.

Now that I am single all over again, I am spending more and more time with them. In fact, I brought them here and there to eat different type of foods... I guess you understand what I am trying to say now, right....

Well, yesterday, I brought them over to an all-you-can-eat steamboat restaurant in Sunway area. The name of the shop? Yuen Steamboat!

As the concept goes, you are allowed to eat all that you want and the best thing is that the price for every person is RM18.80 excluding drinks and tax.

Five of us went yesterday and I need to pay less than RM104 for the whole dinner.

But one thing bad about it, is that three of us can't sleep yesterday either due to the tea or overeat. :P

Mum and dad...

My sister and Nick

The Ying-Yang soup

Friday, November 09, 2007

Holy Me?

My manager (also a good friend of mine) told me something the other day that makes me wonder...

Last Saturday, I told him that I would be going to Zouk that night and all the sudden, he give me a kind of look. I ask why and he just told me that he does not believe me that I would be going to these type of place. In fact, he even asked me to take some pictures as evidence that I have, in fact, been to Zouk.

I showed him the pictures that I upload in my earlier post (Happening@ZouK) later on Monday and I asked him why he does not believe that I would be going to these type of places? The answer that he gave me really show what type of people I am back at the time when I was still young and fresh. He says that for him, I am the very religious/holy type of people that I would not go to these places like disco or bar...

I am flatter indeed that people really thought me as that and I do think that I was someone like that then...

But, over times, I guess I have changed. Not totally but I have a different perspective on life and what I am doing now is to try things (things that are legal only) so that I would better understand the difference path of life and that I would not regret later for not doing something now.

For people that are worried about my recent changes, please rest assure that I am still my own self walking in a different style.


[Picture from Italian Recipes (]

Believe it or not, it has been about a year since I last went into the kitchen and cooked something. Yesterday however, I moved into my kitchen again to cook some pasta for my family.

My family know that I can cook pasta and they urged me to cook some for them... Since my mum was eating vegetarian yesterday, I made a simple serving of spaghetti with mushroom soup with potatoes...

Luckily, the pasta that I cooked is still edible and I am looking forward for more soon (maybe this Sunday - Macaroni, perhaps). Anyway, have been thinking about learning how to cook more dishes... anyone want to teach me and let me borrow their kitchen??? Will try to keep everything intact after I use your kitchen, though...

Monday, November 05, 2007


Was in Zouk last Saturday for some special occasion with a group of friends.

Went there kinda late but by 2.30 am, everyone is tired... Went for midnight breakfast before heading home. Reached home at 4.00 am and went straight to sleep.

Again, did not managed a good sleep (happened twice before:wake up in the wee hour of the night if I was drunk the day before) and by 9 am, I am fully awake already. Sigh... another less than 5 hours of sleep.

Need to stay away from liquor more unless I want to wake up early the next day. Then I should get myself drunk :P

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Mini Gathering - Ex-Coursemate (UMS - Sains Sekitaran)

I met up with some of my ex-coursemates last Sunday. Boon King and Oi Kuen came to Klang to meet up with Lian and me.

Ironically, Lian and I have been living in the same town since we graduated from UMS in 2003 but we have not really get together until last Sunday.

We came out for lunch at a seafood restaurant called Klang Seafood Restaurant (hope I got the name correct) somewhere in Pandamaran, Klang where we ordered tomato crab, steamed lala, fried prawn paste, a type pf vegetable and their specialty, fried tang-hoon. Thank you Lian for paying the bill. Next time we eat at Klang, I "belanja"...

After the seafood lunch, we moved to the famous yo-yo ice in front of SJK Padamaran (C) for some refreshment. Really have a great time meeting up with them and recalling those time that we have when we were still in UMS plus getting to know what is happenning to the rest (other ex-coursemates) even though they did not join us.

Worst Type of Employer

The worst type of employer you can find are the type that dont accept your suggestion initially but after you left the company, he go through what you have suggested and simply take something out of it and tried to use it without any idea whether it is suitable for the task or not.

Maybe, in the near future, I will tell you why I wrote this post.

As for now, beware of this type of boss...

Friday, October 26, 2007

Cameron Highlands (2) - Lee Yee & Yu Xing

This is Yu Xing and Lee Yee. The picture taken at The Lakehouse. Forgotten to mention this, they are the two girls that joined me on the trip to Cameron Highlands during the Raya Holiday.

Cameron Highlands (1) - Bharat Plantation (Panorama)

Here is the first post of the Cameron Highlands pictures taken during my recent trip there. Hope you will enjoy it.

P.S.: I am still working on some of the pictures using photoshop... really a lot of work there.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

When My Grandpa Pass Away

Updates: I guess I need to change the title of this post to better reflect what I want to tell here... I may write more about my grandpa later when I have time. (Initial title: Grandpa)

It feels like yesterday when my grandpa left us to the other world even though it has been three years since. Yesterday marked exactly three years since he passed away.

I still remember cause I was the one nearest to him when he passed away. Not to say that I am extremely close to him but I am sure that i am his favourite grandson. After all, I am his oldest grandson and I used to be very close to him when I was younger...

I still remember my first puff of smoke were from his ciggarate and I drank beer from his beer can as well. Both also taste bad... I guess that is why I never smoke.

Grandpa would occasionally give my sister and I some money to buy foods from the Thursday pasar malam. He is not that type of people that would like to travel, preferring to stay at home all the time. But when it is about his grandchildren, he is much more willing to part with his money.

About a year before he passed away, he was suffering from pneumonia due to the ciggarates that he smoke particularly everyday. The whole family sent him into the a private hospital and the doctor was able to save him after clearing out all the liquid that was accumulating in his lungs.

After the operation, his health went back to the optimum level but he just can't stay away from the ciggarate that has been accompany him for so long.

About half a year later, he was back in the condition where he is not able to move from his bed. I felt that he struggle with life and manage to stay for quite a while before suffering several breathing difficulty. Initially thought that it would just be like the previous time when all the liquid accumulated in the lungs is removed, he would be okay again. But when the doctor show us the green phlegm that he took out from the lung, we understand that we have to take a decision.

The doctor advise us to transfer my grandpa to the government hospital because of there is nothing much that they can do to help him. Futhermore, the medical fee incurred would be very high and not worth it.

My aunt was not able to make any decision and so is my dad. In the end, I made the decision to transfer my grandpa to the TAR Hospital. I don't really know what other think about my action but I believe that I took the right decision at that time.

My grandpa was warded and my family members took turn to be by his side for three days. On the third day, I brought my mum and sister to the hospital and by the time I was there in the room, I felt that something is not right. My grandpa was connected to a machine that shows his heartbeat was showing a straight line and without waiting for another second, I rush to the nurse on duty for help.

They work around my grandpa for a while and when they emerged from the curtain, the nurse told me that my grandpa has passed away. My mum and sister went out to buy food and they arrived late that time.

Needless to say, I was the only relative that was beside him when he passed away...

My uncles, aunts and grandma arrived much later and everyone was darn sad.

From there onwards, we go around working on the funeral stuffs and that is another story all together. Maybe I would write about it later.

As for now, rest in peace, Grandpa.

Monday, October 22, 2007


I was in Flam on Saturday night. Chyn Mei's birthday on 21st. It was a last minute decision as I only received a sms from Chyn Mei after 9pm that night.

Reached Flam at about 11 pm and was dancing through the night. Many girls that night but non is for me.

After 2 hours there, we break the party from Flam. Some of us continued with supper at Ming Tien, Kelana Jaya and I reached home almost nearing to 4 am. Did not get drunk this time, so no scolding by my mum :P



Saturday, October 20, 2007

Problem and Solution

A problem must have a solution. If you cannot find a solution, there is no problem!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Cameron Highlands Trip

I had a great time during Raya. Not to say that I really celebrate Raya but I took the opportunity to travel out of Klang Valley during the three days holiday.

I went to Cameron Highlands with two of my friends, Lee Yee and Yu-Xing, from Muar, Johor. No, I did not pick them up from Muar but from Puduraya Bus Station.

It took us about 4 hours to get to our destination in Cameron Highlands, Father's Guest House. If you want to see a lot of Mat Salleh "LengChai" or "LengLui", this is the place for you. Somehow, the place appeal to them and I can see at least a bunch of them here during the two night we stayed here.

Places that we visited during our stay there are Healthy Strawberry Farm, Kasimanis Strawberry Farm, Catcus Point, Ee Fung Gu Bee Farm, Rose Centre, Parit Fall, Sungai Palas Boh Plantation Centre, Cameron Bharat Tea Plantation, Sam Poh Temple, Brinchang's Weekend Night Market, Time Tunnel and some other less known place. Other place that we tried to visit but fail were Gunung Brinchang and Robinson Fall due to the fact that my SLK (Super Little Kelisa) was not design for climbing mountain and that my old knee injury come back haunting me when I tried to climb a lesser know hill of the trail to Robinson Fall.

There were not enough signboard/arrow to bring us there. There was a point where the trail is divided into three. Unable to choose, we decided to turn back to the car.

Some of the nice place that we visit are Time Tunnel, Bharat Tea Plantation and Rose Centre...

Time tunnel really bring back a lot of memories of mine when I look at many of the antiques displayed there. Nearby got some shops that sell fresh vegetables and fruits and also other stuffs like souvenirs. I brought a little dragon keychain here. My mum explained to me that monkey and dragon are very compatible with each other as we bring good luck and fortune to each other. I don't really believe this initially but to think of it again, my dad have been very lucky everytime I am around him (won a lot of lucky draws) and I guess this is the time that I get a dragon to bring me great fortune as well.

The Bharat Tea Plantation is a great place to get up-close with tea bushes. Managed to took a panorama picture of the plantation and hopefully I can show it here soon.

The Rose Centre really has a lot flowers in display. It was really a great place for me as I could use the opportunity to try my macro photography skill. Also, even though I am not able to conquer Gunung Brinchang, The top of the Rose Centre gave me the opportunity to have a feel of "I Am On Top Of The World".

The two places that really disappointed me are Sungai Palas Boh Tea Plantation and Parit Fall. From the main building of the Boh Tea Factory, we were informed that there would be some staffs every 15 minutes that would bring us around their factory to further understand how they actually process the famous tea that we drink today. But we did not see any guide that would bring us around even though we waited for almost an hour.

The Parit Fall that was suppose to be one of the main attraction in Cameron Highlands but it was a huge letdown when we realize that the place is full with litter and the colour of the water is light brown.

Other good place worth visiting would be the Sam Poh Temple, where the once famous monk reside in. I say the monk but I did not really ask for advise from him. I believe that my life is in my hand. I brought a Malaysia's $1 coin there as I had always wanted to get one for myself.

The weekend nightmarket in Brinchang is another great place to go. The funny thing about this place is that the night market start from 3.00 pm and many of the traders are there already at that early hour. There are many stuffs that I don't really see in Klang Valley like "Fried Ice Cream" and some other local delicacies being offerred there. There is even a stall that is selling fried crab at RM3 each. Imagine that. Super cheap. But I did not try. Maybe next time...

If you want to get up-close with bee, the Ee Fung Gu Bee Farm would be a great place for you to do so. It is about the same like any other bee farm but since this is my first time here, I was amazed by those bees flying around collecting nectare from flowers.

If you want to see pictures of our trip to Cameron Highlands and my new collection of pictures, stay tuned. Hope I can get the pictures done ASAP.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Zakaria's Mansion

I know this is going to be controversial but I am curious to know:

Well, I guess this is one of the best thing to be a Malaysia. More so, if you are Malay that somehow raised to power by becoming an assemblyman taking care of a rich district.

Read the article here, if you have not done so.

The master bedroom is bigger than a low-cost house!

Wondering where did he save all these money to build the mansion? Also, did ACA have a look into his bank account?


Ever heard of the F-language? No. No. It is not the F***-language that you always speak (Just kidding... don't get mad, okay). It is actually a Melaka dialect (I think) that is spoken by my ex-colleague from Comfori and it is one of the language that I have not learn even after 1 year of pestering them to teach me...

It was really a hillarious time when initially, I thought they were speaking French but I manage to find out soon enough...

If you are wondering how this language sound like, it actually goes like this:

fa fa fi fi fu fu fer fi...

but is has more vocabulary than this but U guess you should understand why it is called the F-language now...

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Letting Go...

Sometimes, something is just meant to be let go. There is no use for you to hold on to it. It would only make you feel bad in one way or another cause in the end, you are the only one to suffer.

I have personnally experience this and I have decided to let it go. In fact, the moment I do it, I felt much better already.

Bear in mind that whatever is in the past is over already and there is nothing that you can do about it now. The future is yet to come and the only thing that you can really do is to do what is necessary now so that you would have a better future.

So, do look forward and not backward. Let go of whatever that has pass and move on with life. You still have a great future waiting for you but if you don't work on it right now, you would regret it later.

I am just speaking from my own experience that I wish to share with you.

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Updates For The Day...

Dear blog,

It has been a while since I wrote something here.

As usual, some events took place and I have been busy with trying to cope with all the changes…

In case you don’t really know, I am now in a new position in a new company. Actually, it is not really a new company but one of the companies that I have been working in a few years back. The company’s name is Southern Edible Oil Sdn Bhd but my portfolio here is different from my previous portfolio here.

I used to be on the operation side, working on the shipping documents but from yesterday onwards, I would be handling more on the sales and coordination for export purposes. I would be helping out on the local sales as well.

Southern Edible Oil (SEO for short) is one of the many company in Malaysia, exporting palm oil products to other countries and my immediate manager promise me that I would be learning a lot of the trading world and I really hope that I can make the most out of it in the future.

Hari Raya AidilFitris is coming up soon. For all my Muslim friends who are reading this blog, Selamat Hari Raya AidilFitri. For all the non-Muslim, hope you are going to enjoy your holiday.

As for me, I am going to Cameron Highlands for some fresh air. I have upgraded my camera’s capacity and would be taking a lot of pictures, which I hope I would be able to upload into this blog soon. More details on the trip? Wait for my post on this topic soon.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Food for Thought

Something really struck me the other day when I was watching Healing Hands 3 on TV2 the other day. In the show, one of the main character (a doctor) actually developed cancer for the second time (the first time, she managed to cure it using chemotherapy) but this time, she would not be doing anything about it. She would just want to let it be.

Her good friend later talked to her boyfriend that like is really impermanence and one should do what really make him happy and never really takes things for granted.

Still, people are really ignorant to what they have at that particular moment (me included) and always thought that they are in control. In reality, there is nothing in this world that human is in control and the best thing that one can do is to work hard on trying to get the result that they want.

By saying this, I am challenging you to work hard on what you want to do and never take things for granted. At the same time, don’t be afraid to try new things… as long as it does not cross the border. Live life to the fullest and you would never live to regret it.


This post should be posted yesterday but was kinda busy to do it. So here it is...

It has become a habit of me to write something at the end of each day and post it here the next morning. I do hope that I would be able to continue this habit after this week because from this Friday onward, I would no longer have a laptop to use.

I believe that I have told many of you that I am leaving my current position and I hope that my final day here would be this Friday. All procedures have been followed and all I have to do is to finish off my works at hand and that’s it.

If everything goes well, I would be starting my new career with Southern Edible Oil, a company that I have previously worked with three years ago.

The thing that I would like to highlight here is actually more about the personal relationship that I have been encountering from the day I tendered my resignation. I came to realize that the way some people treat you before and after you resign are different. It actually makes you feel depressing but I guess this is that hard fact of working life.

Still, I would like to thank you to all my colleagues who do not only take me as a colleague but also as a friend. I believe that these are the people that would treat you the same no matter what your status is. I also believe that these are the people that would not take you for granted in any situation and I sincerely cherish our friendship. These are the people that I would try to help even if I am not around.

You know who you are, guys. Really, really thank you.

What Happened The Other Day

Me: (Send a photo)
chynmei: Thanx unker alex
Me: @#$%^&*

Monday, October 01, 2007

Another Long Lost Friend FOUND!

I wrote this on Sunday evening…

Just want to share my joy that I have found yet another long lost friend. She is actually my housemate in my final year at UMS and ever since I graduate, I have not been really in touch with her. Occasionally, she would e-mail me and then and only then, I would reply her e-mail… So bad of me… :P

Furthermore, I lost her contact number the other day when my mobile phone goes haywire… It has been a while and I when I saw her e-mail the other day, I am glad that she still regard me as a friend. From what I understand, she occasionally read my blog and I guess that she should be reading this too. Hope that you won’t mind me writing of you here…

But I just want to say one thing… Thanks for being a friend… Stay in touch…

My Second Kelisa

I have just brought another Kelisa last week.

I know. I know. I already have one that I am driving everyday but this one is different. Why? It is one of the Special Edition Kelisa and now that Perodua has stopped producing Kelisa, I am sure that both my Kelisa would worth much more than the money that I am paying.

Okay… Without much delay, let me introduce to you my second Kelisa:

Nice le... Special Edition Kelisa

Should have brought this one in the first place

What? You really thought that I brought another real Kelisa? Sorry, man. I am not that filthy rich yet. But if I am that rich, I would be buying another car already.

Still, I love my SLK a lot.

Huh? What SLK?

Super Little Kelisa la, of course.

Friday, September 28, 2007

Tribute to Colin McRae

Many people may not know about him but Colin McRae is one of the few people that actually influenced my life in a very mild way. Actually, the reason that I know about him may be funny for many. I learn about him through a PC game that I brought long time ago. Yupe... A PC game and you read it right...

Colin McRae is more than a PC game. He is in fact, a rally driver that actually won the British Rally Championship twice (1991 and 1992) and also World Rally Championship in 1995.

Colin McRae passed away in a helicopter accident near his home due to mechanical failure on 15 September 2007.

Colin McRae, I will always remember you as one of my hero!