Thursday, March 31, 2011

Training for my next Run

Some of you may know that I love to run, even though I cant really run far due to my knee injury from a long time ago. So far, I have joined three event, Setia Alam Half Marathon, SCB Kuala Lumpur Marathon and Nike City 10km Kuala Lumpur. I am also proud to say that I am a finisher for all three in either the 10km or 11km run.

Moving into my third year of running, I am looking forward for three events this year. In so far, I have already set my mind for the following:
  • Energizer Night Marathon @ Sepang International Circuit in April 2011
  • Penang Bridge International Marathon @ Penang in November 2011
I have yet to finalize my third event but most probably, I am looking at Adidas' King of the Road event. hopefully they would organize it. Else, I would be looking for some other events.
Okay. For now, I am doing my training for the Energizer Night Marathon. It is not an easy one since it is just a short while after CNY and my trip to China where I couldnt do any training. Last week, I started with a 3 laps in the stadium and it almost killed me. My leg was so weak after the run that I couldnt walk properly. And it was a week after that I could resume my training.

So far, I have been running 3 laps on Tuesday and Thursday. It does feel good that I am able to run the distance again but I do hope to increase my distance this Saturday and I will increase my training frequency to daily next week. At least, this is the best that I could do for now. Even if I cannot run, it would be okay for me to at least walk and built up my stamina. Lastly, I need to skip the lift. It would definitely help alot overall.

So, have you been training lately?

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Updates on my life

Hey guys....

It has been a while since I update this blog. Sorry if you have been waiting.

Life has been exceptionally busy due to work in office. But I guess I am lucky enough to managed one backpacking trip so far. Yes, I went backpacking to China and I visited three cities there. The three cities are Ningbo, Shaoxing and Hangzhou. It is one great experience since China is where my root is, even though I am more Malaysian.

And, going there when spring is just starting to move in, I experience something I never experience before, Subzero temperature. One word would explained that particular experience... FREEZING. 

I thought my trip to Paris would have prepared me for it but I was darn wrong. The coldness can really make me freeze there.

The places that I visited is definitely worth it and I must says Hangzhou is the best of it all...