Wednesday, December 01, 2010

What is a flashpacker, anyway?

Those who know me know that I would not hesitate to hop onto a plane one day and go to a place that is completely new to me. To many people, I am like a backpacker, going anywhere for a trip with just a backpack with me. But backpacker define half of me only. In real term, I am a flashpacker more than a backpacker.

"What is a flashpacker?" you are asking in your head now...

In short, flashpacker is a backpacker who has the ability to spend abit more so that more comfort could be attained during the trip.

Flashpacker would:
  1. opt for a private room instead of sharing the dorm
  2. travel on a plane instead of overland transportation like trains or buses
  3. eat at mid-range restaurant or cafe instead of stall by the roadside
* these are some things that flashpacker may do but it still depend on the person himself

Another way of identifying a flashpacker would be the amount of electronic gadgets he would bring on a trip. While a backpacker might not bring much, a flashpacker would most likely to have the following with him:
  1. Camera - dSLR or EVIL are the choice of flashpackers. While some may opt for a compact point and shoot, it would have to be on the higher end camera. Flashpacker would not settle for average. They want the photos to be better.
  2. Cellphone / Mobile phone - Another essential for flashpacker as the prefer to be able to stay connected to the world all the time. It helps to be able to contact the hostel or even arrange meetings with friends. Some smart phones are capable to act as a music player, video player or even access to the internet.
  3. Laptop - While it is possible to get connected to the internet via your smart phone, its function is still very limited. A laptop would be a better option to connect to the internet. With many hotels, hostels or even public places offering free internet connection via wifi, why not use it to the fullest. Still, some older laptop may be heavy to carry around. Another alternative would the netbook, which is getting more popular nowadays.
  4. External hard drive - photos in memory cards is okay but why take the risk? External hard drive offer a great option to back-up the photos, making sure it would be there when you come back. Sure you can use the harddisk drive on the laptop but even that would have its limit.
  5. Power adapter - a travel essential since all the electronic gadgets need electric to operate. While you can rely on the long life battery provided with the gadget, sooner or later, it would drain dry. That is where the power adapter comes in. It make sure your electronic gadget would be alive when you need it.