Sunday, May 29, 2011

When Videogame meet Real Life

Looking at these photos brings me back to the time when the digital era was just started... Many of you may not know some of these figures but believe me when I say that they are a big hit back then... really!

 The abonimable snowman from that retro Windows 3.1 skiing game.

 Bowser enjoying the surf.

 Donkey Kong in his natural habitat.

 Double Dragon brothers looking for trouble.

 Ecco enjoying a 3d lagoon.

 Excitebiking it across London Bridge.

 Honda getting some bonus points and future warrants.

 Link enjoying the green.

 Sonic speeding across Drab Desert Zone.

That a-hole dog doing what he does best.

Originals by Aled Lewis via Awesome Robo!