Thursday, January 31, 2008

Bus Crash No More!!!

As what the Buddha said long time ago, life is suffering. And the worst type of suffering would be the lost of a love one.

Everyone must go through this suffering one way or another. As someone who has been through it more than once, it, in deed is a very bad experience...

One of the more recent tradegy that took place in Malaysia is the lost of life of Lee Nian Ning, the 21 years old intelligent go-getter girl in the hand of a reckless driver.

The worst thing that could happened is that this driver escape the accident with a broken right leg.

The only thing that the police says was that a statement would be taken after he recover from the injuries...

Does this mean that nothing is going to happen to him? Does this mean that it is okay for a driver to drive recklessly and if there is any accident that happens, no action will be taken on the driver? How many lives must be taken before the government/transportation provider start taking concrete action on this?

If you want to do your part, please sign the online petition here and read the blog here.

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